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Intact iQ
ERP and supply chain
management software

Designed for merchants, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.
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Your future. One solution.

Intact iQ is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that extends seamlessly to mobile, connecting all areas of your business.

With easy-to-use customisation tools, you can tailor the system to your individual preferences effortlessly. And with our software's future-proof design, you can rely on its continued effectiveness for years to come.

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One end-to-end platform

When your business operates on a single system, everything runs smoother.


The Intact iQ difference

Unmatched flexibility
Enjoy the freedom to tailor your system to perfectly fit your needs.
Unique customisation
Avail of our user-friendly customisation tools to personalise your screens.
Feature-rich solution
Our 32 years of experience have shaped our current, Intact iQ solution.
Empower your team on the go
Mobilise your staff by giving them access to critical information, any time, anywhere.
Seamless integration
Our true REST API seamlessly connects your entire business.
Future-ready. Always.

Stay future-ready with our customer-driven product roadmap and cutting-edge technologies.

Ready for anything

Intact iQ is designed to meet the unique needs of merchants, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, with features tailored for each sector. But what truly makes Intact iQ special is its flexibility—our customisation tools empower you to personalise the software to suit your individual needs.

With its rich features, scalability, and ongoing innovation, Intact iQ can evolve alongside your business. And our true REST API ensures seamless integration with other systems, keeping you ahead of the curve. Embrace the future confidently with Intact iQ.

Control Desk

Intact iQ features

Everything a business needs to operate at its best.

“Intact iQ has proven to be very versatile and easily customisable. We have been able to automate many business processes, making our company system driven and more efficient.”

Michael Smith, General ManagerKlipspringer

We knew when we selected the Intact iQ system that it would grow with us. It is a solid platform that can easily facilitate additional or different functionality in the future.

JBS Group
Declan O'Donnell, Managing DirectorJames Boylan Safety

“Intact iQ has future proofed us as a business and has allowed us to move forward. The scalability of Intact iQ is incredible.”

East Coast Fittings
Matthew Hall, Sales & Development ManagerEast Coast Fittings

“With Intact iQ, we see the information we need instantly rather than having to run reports and it has brought a lot of time savers across the business.”

Brett Supplies
Gavin Brett, Operations Manager Brett Supplies

Our collaborative approach

At Intact, we're committed to transparency and collaboration from day one. We're here to partner with you every step of the way, ensuring that your system not only solves your immediate challenges but also continually adds value to your business operations.

From the moment we engage with you, we strive to establish a partnership that fosters trust and mutual understanding. And with over 30 years of industry expertise, we work with you to tailor your Intact iQ software solution to your business needs, ensuring immediate impact and long-term value.

Intact Staff Working with a Customer on thier Trade Counter

Designing perfect fit solutions is what we do best.

Let's explore ways we can get you operating at your best.

Technology stack

Our technology is based on the latest frameworks and is designed to integrate seamlessly
with 3rd party systems you currently use or may add in the future.


Tried and trusted process

30+ years developing and implementing industry focused ERP & business management solutions has shaped our proven Intact Implementation Process. It’s been engineered to deliver your project effectively, in the quickest time frame possible & the minimum amount of disruption.
  • Business Process Review
  • System Design
  • Pilot Phase
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Operational Readiness
  • Go Live

Business Process Review

Business-process-reviewYELLOWWHITEIt all starts here. We spend time understanding how your business operates. What’s working? What needs improving? This enables both teams (yours & ours) to design & sign off on a scope of works for your project. From here we can map out your project journey with accuracy & clarity.

System Design

System-Design_YELLOWWHITEOur team designs & builds a business software solution that’s the perfect fit for your business. The outputs from phase one form the basis for how your system should be configured to reflect your settings, forms designs, reports, process workflows, and ledger settings. During this phase, individual user/role/company interfaces are personalised.

Pilot Phase

Pilot-Phase_YELLOWWHITETo ensure adequate functionality is in place for go-live, your consultant will lead each department head through their business processes in Intact. This is done in test mode using sample transactions.

User Acceptance Testing

User-acceptance-testing_YELLOWWHITETo enable a smooth transition to your new system, your project team get to use the system. This is your opportunity to get first-hand experience with the system & note any revisions. We encourage you to ask questions & gain a deep understanding of the software & how it is configured to support your business.

Operational Readiness

Operational-readiness_YELLOWWHITENow that the system has been checked, piloted & tested by your project team, we prepare your business to transition to your new system. This entails a final check & tidy of your system and sign off on items such as forms & screens. We also ensure sufficient end user training has taken place & that all hardware/ printers are in place.

Go Live

Go-live_YELLOWWHITEYou officially ‘go-live’ once we have completed the detailed implementation plan. Our Pro-Serve Consultant Team is onsite assisting and monitoring your success with the solution and providing any necessary assistance to ensure business operations are not disrupted.

Customer-centric product development

Our agile development framework enables us to quickly deliver new features that provide value.

How our development team work

Our team is dedicated to continuously enhancing Intact iQ for our customers. Following the Scrum Framework, we're a dynamic and collaborative group, engaging in daily progress discussions and adapting as needed. By offering one core release annually, our goal is to consistently deliver stable updates, meeting the demands of our customers and partners in today's fast-paced digital world. This approach not only streamlines feedback cycles but also fosters confidence among our customers.

Scrum principles drive our commitment to transparency, adaptability, and rigorous quality assurance. Our QA team ensures that every update undergoes thorough inspection and testing, guaranteeing reliability and robustness. With a dedicated product owner managing the backlog, we stay aligned with the product's objectives, further supporting our customers' needs.

Development pipeline

With each annual update of Intact iQ, we add new features and modules based on feedback from our customers and partners, as well as industry trends. Customers receive updates explaining these new features, along with webinars demonstrating how these enhancements can benefit their business.

Then, the process begins again. We continue to listen to our customers and stay updated with the latest industry news, which guides us in planning for the next release.

Enhance and innovate with us

You can help shape the future of Intact iQ. We're always listening to our customers and keeping an eye on industry trends. But you can also share your ideas or suggest changes in our Ideation Forum, and vote on others' suggestions. The best ideas take centre stage, ensuring we always focus on what truly benefits your business.