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Intact iQ
Intact iQ
Intact iQ is an enterprise-wide ERP platform covering purchasing, stock, sales, finance and marketing. With advanced agility, automation and BI.
Intact Xline

Xline Data Drill and POS

Intact Xline is a low-cost, easy-to-use, Business Management Software solution covering purchasing, stock, sales, finance, marketing and more.

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Why choose Intact?

The Intact difference

We’re in this together

We understand that implementing ERP and business management software isn't your day job, but it is ours! That's why we'll be your dedicated partner throughout the entire process, providing continuous advice and guidance, beyond your go-live and in the years ahead.

With our dedication to your success, you can trust Intact to be your reliable partner in achieving your long-term business goals.

Let's talk!
Platform scalled

More than just software

Part of your team
We foster collaborative partnerships, working with you to implement solutions that integrate into every aspect of your business.
Listening and learning
We listen attentively to your needs, learning about your business journey, and ensuring that our solutions align with your goals.
Open expertise exchange
We openly share our industry insights, constantly seeking innovative approaches to bring fresh perspectives.
Driving continuous improvement
We are committed to excellence, regularly evaluating and enhancing our processes to ensure that your business benefits from the latest advancements and practices.
Tailored solutions
Drawing on our deep understanding of your objectives, we leverage our industry expertise to design bespoke solutions that precisely fit the unique needs of your business.
Long-term commitment
We take the time to understand your business intricacies, history and future goals so that we can provide ongoing support tailored to your evolving needs.
5.6 Post implementation, customers record an average saving of 5.6 days per month.
70% Our customers are our greatest advocates with approx. 70% of our business coming from referrals.
97% 97% of customers agree their Intact software is supporting their original ambition to have a platform for growth.

Benefits centred on your success

Timber Merchants
“Intact iQ is like a piece of plasticine. It can be changed or molded to how you want to operate. To be able to change any designs or add in new screens and new layouts has been absolutely fantastic.”
Paul Pamment, Area General Manager CT Bakers Builders Merchant

Innovating for your success

At Intact, we're dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. We're always exploring the latest in technology and actively listening to your feedback. This ensures that your Intact Xline or Intact iQ solutions are continuously evolving to meet your business needs and stay aligned with industry trends.

We also take an active part in industry trade events and engage with key associations to remain at the forefront of innovation.



Industry affiliations

Start your journey With Intact

At Intact, we're here to provide high-quality products and services tailored to your industry. We understand the challenges of transitioning to new software and are committed to making it as smooth as possible.

Our growing team of experts are here to support you for years to come. And we're always improving our services to meet your evolving needs. With Intact, you're never alone. We're here to support you through your own unique journey with us.


Industry awards

What our customers are saying

“Intact iQ is a very comprehensive system with a huge amount of compelling industry-specific features as standard but what stood out for me was the flexibility of the system and how it could accommodate distinct or challenging business processes.”

James Hargreaves Plumbing Depot
Gordon Rothwell, Managing DirectorJames Hargreaves Ltd

“Intact iQ is undoubtedly the perfect fit for our business & we’re genuinely excited to be working with a group of motivated individuals who share our goal of continually improving & enhancing what we do.”

Joe Tipper, DirectorTippers