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Our technology and industry experts keep you informed of the latest trends, expert advice and best practice applications impacting your business.
05-Jul-2024 17:04:0010 min read

Enterprise Software: The real cost of ignoring the warning signs

Updated [June 2024]: We’ve recently updated this post with new information to provide you ...
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14-May-2024 15:32:084 min read

Behind the Scenes: Intact's PMO Centre of Excellence

Successful software implementations require more than just great technology - they need ...
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30-Apr-2024 16:00:006 min read

Got a support related problem? We're here to help! With Cian Ó Murchú

In my experience, when customers report an issue, the details they provide can sometimes ...
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09-Apr-2024 15:48:272 min read

WTH (What the heck) is IFTTT: How codeless customisation tools work

In this article we’re going to get all nerdy so we can explain exactly how codeless ...
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21-Mar-2024 09:29:033 min read

Benefits of Automation: Codeless Customisation with Intact iQ Nexus

A fully integrated ERP system is a must for standardising workflows and automating ...
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06-Mar-2024 10:54:588 min read

Saving Money: Using ERP Systems to Cut Costs

Managing your business costs effectively is essential for keeping your company growing ...
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31-Jan-2024 09:56:412 min read

Think Before You Click with Stuart Stafford

As our reliance on technology increases, so do the risks associated with cyber threats. ...
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06-Nov-2023 17:16:005 min read

Avoiding the seven stages of ERP grief

It’s true that ERP is a complex field but it’s become clear that an enterprise cannot lag ...
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26-Apr-2023 10:13:499 min read

Must-have ePOS System Features For Your Trade Counter Operations

If you are running a business where you have a mixture of ‘trade’ and ‘wholesale’ sales, ...
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