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Janitorial and Cleaning Wholesale

Janitorial and cleaning

Scale and grow your business with an Intact solution tailored to your needs.
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Tailored software for the janitorial and cleaning supplies sector

At Intact, we've designed software solutions specifically for businesses like yours in the janitorial & cleaning supplies sector. We know your business moves fast, with orders coming in from various sources like online, telesales, and sales reps.

Our software streamlines everything, from handling quotes to managing deliveries, so you can focus on growth opportunities while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your daily operations.


Future-proofed software that works on every level.

Intact software offers a complete view of your business. It extends seamlessly to mobile, connecting and supporting all aspects of your business—in-store, online, or across multiple branches—with features tailored to your industry.


Essential features just for you...

Multiple Order Streams Process orders from multiple sources including mobile sales team, in house telesales, automatically via EDI, directly from your website or auto-entry from excel. 
Hazardous Materials Restrict the sale of certain products to specific customers and attach product information within your system. 
Order Profiles Automatically create individual order profiles for customers based on historical information for certain times in the year and use as templates for order entry. 
Predictive Stock Management Powerful order point calculations and replenishment rules to ensure you have the correct stock at the right time in the right place. 
Logistics and Deliveries Create and manage your delivery schedules in Intact and export to the Intact Access delivery app giving your team end to end visibility and control of your orders from the point of purchase to the point of delivery.
Proactive Telesales Optimally manage all of your inbound and outbound telesales call from your Intact system. Proactively deliver auto call schedules, rapid order entry capabilities, track all calls/orders made and more.
Batch Tracking and Traceability Comply with regulatory requirements in a process driven efficient manner.

Your Future. One Solution.

Everything you need to operate at your best.

Perfect-fit solutions for companies of all sizes.

Choose from two purpose-built options to find the perfect fit for your business.

Intact iQ

Flexible, fully customisable, site-wide ERP platform
Advanced flexibility and personalisation
Fully customisable (reports, forms, dashboards)
REST API - 3rd party integrations
Future proof & scalable for growth

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If you're a scaling business with unique needs, Intact iQ is the perfect fit for you. It offers advanced agility, automation, and business intelligence, covering everything you need in one platform - purchasing, stock, sales, finance, marketing, and more. Plus, it extends to mobile and online and provides a true REST API for seamless integrations.

Read more about Intact iQ

Intact Xline

Easy to learn, low cost business management system
Affordable and intuitive
Quick and easy to implement
Easy to learn and use
Out of the box solution

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Xline with MWS

If your business is expanding and outgrowing its current accounting systems and manual processes, Xline is the perfect fit for you. It's a low-cost, user-friendly business management solution that seamlessly connects all aspects of your business into one unified platform. It also extends seamlessly to mobile and online.

Read more about Intact Xline

Not sure which solution fits best?

See a side-by-side solution comparison.

Join industry leaders and become part of our community, which boasts a 98% retention rate. 

Over the last 32 years, we've teamed up with over 1,700 companies, globally.

“We have total faith in Intact iQ to deliver the information and insights we need when we need it and love that there is so much scope to develop it further. The flexibility it gives us to tailor it to our company’s needs and evolve as our business evolves gives us great confidence that we can continuously improve how we do things to make life even easier for our employees and improve service levels for our customers.”

Newline Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies
Freddie Coburn, Operations ManagerNewline Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies

Come grow with us

As your business grows, your needs naturally evolve. Intact solutions are designed to continuously support your competitive edge and adapt alongside your growth. With the flexibility to scale according to your requirements, we can help you to consistently operate at your best.

Your success is our motivation. We're here to actively listen and learn from you, while keeping pace with industry trends and emerging technologies. This ensures that we can support you at every step of your journey.


Your sector is our passion.

Embrace software solutions tailored just for you.