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Business Intelligence and Reporting

Modern business
intelligence & reporting

Drive timely, effective and intelligent decision making across your business.

Intact Analyst

Real-time business analysis for all company sizes and sectors

The Intact Analyst module is your enterprise-wide, fully integrated analytics tool that offers a complete and accurate view of your business.

Key features:

  • Fully integrated with your Intact system
  • Enterprise-wide business intelligence
  • Analyse data from any part of your business in real-time
  • Customisable analytics by role, department or the entire organisation

Move from being data-informed to data-driven

Collect and analyse your most important metrics with enterprise-wide business intelligence.

Enterprise-Wide Intelligence

Analyse data from any part of the business to drive informed decision making.

Graphical Analysis

Display your data analytics in a variety of graphical charts. Export with ease for use in Microsoft Office tools.


Access to your business intelligence models can be controlled at role and user level.

Comparative Analysis

Compare data from a previous day, week, month, period or year to identify trends and gaps.

Filtering Results Screen

Results information can be further refined by sorting, grouping and filtering.

Configurable Interface

Define your analysis criteria and choose from multiple chart types, gauges & detailed views by role or user.

Real-Time Data Analysis

To enable you to pre-empt or manage situations as they occur, Intact Analyst displays your KPI and business data in real-time.

Full Analysis Breakdown

Interactive analysis from summary to transaction level. Start with a holistic view & easily drill down to constituent parts.

Faster, better decision making

Intact Analyst provides you and your team with instant access to accurate, real-time, relevant information to quickly interrogate and drill down to unearth valuable insights.

Use Intact Analyst to identify trends and patterns:

  • Demographic breakdown
  • Geographical spread
  • Total spend
  • Product or service preference
  • Purchasing channel

Want to learn more about Intact Analyst?

Learn how Intact Analyst can deliver a wealth of data at your fingertips.

Save time and money

Intact Analyst will enable you to identify wasted resources and more efficient ways of doing business.

In addition, time spent collating reports can now be spent concentrating on information and insight analysis.

Intact Analyst allows you to:

  • Save the expense of consultancy.
  • Reconfigure settings to accommodate your changing data needs.

Centralised information

An integrated analytics tool ensures you are working with one centralised system where information is transparent and accessible across your organisation.

With Intact Analyst you can:

  • View data in the form of dashboards or reports
  • Allow departments to work collaboratively
  • Share historical and real-time data insights
  • Formulate strategies
  • Facilitate forecasting and trending
Trade Counter

Establish a competitive advantage

Use Intact Analyst to identify, track and monitor customer purchase patterns, preferences and interests to effectively segment your customers.

This will allow you to tailor your products and services to their needs:

  • Identify emerging demand trends
  • Cater to these trends before your competitors