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Anytime, Anywhere

Access to key business information and controls, with live actions fed back to your Intact system.

Intact Access 2.0

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Intact Access uses the power of mobile to provide your team with access to key business information and controls, with live actions fed back to your Intact ERP system whether on site or remote.

Key features:

  • Easy to roll out and customisable to the needs of your business.
  • All information within Intact, can be displayed on your Access app.
  • 24/7 real-time access.
  • Information is always available - offline or online.
  • Use on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

A mobile solution for streamlined operations

Our mobile app provides 24/7 access to vital data, personalised features, and advanced tools for efficient task management. Seamlessly integrated with your Intact system, it enhances communication and navigation, boosting productivity across your organisation.

24/7 Real-Time Access

Instant access anywhere, reducing reliance on office teams. Real-time syncing prevents data re-entry.

Role-Based Functionality

Tailored info based on roles, users see only relevant info, enhancing efficiency.

Leveraging Mobile Capabilities

Use camera, speech-to-text, integrated maps, and offline mode.

Access to Key Information

Quick access to essential data boosts productivity.

Ease of Use

Intuitive interface drives high adoption rates.

Integration with Intact System
Seamless syncing with real-time updates, no manual entry needed.
Communication and Navigation
Easy initiation of emails, calls, and navigation improves efficiency.

A personalised mobile work tool
for all your employees

Role-based functionality allows you to publish different information to different people based on their responsibilities.

  • Sales Team
  • Delivery Teams
  • Management
  • Warehouse Teams
  • Field Staff

Sales Team App

Access up-to-date customer, product or business information at a glance and post back entries to your Intact ERP system.

Access real-time customer, prospect or lead information:

  • Contact details
  • Google maps locator
  • Credit status
  • Top products
  • Quotations, invoices and orders
  • Annual turnover

Post updates back to your Intact CRM system instantly:

  • Visit Reports
  • CRM Notes

Access real-time product information quickly:

  • Delivery status
  • Stock levels
  • Product details, RRP
  • Live customer-specific pricing

Add orders on the go:

  • Quickly add orders and quotes, with relevant pricing, back to Intact
Intact Access Sales Team Features


Delivery Team App

The easy-to-use image and signature capture function records locations upon receipt and allows drivers to record proof of delivery (POD) details, images and signatures.

  • Receive push delivery list notifications in advance, with live delivery updates fed back into your Intact system
  • Utilise map navigation related to your customer and delivery lists
  • Easily integrate with our transport scheduler module
  • Delivery exceptions can be noted, where issues arise, and fed back to your Intact system
Intact Access Delivery Team Features


Management Team App

Real-time updates ensure you have continuous visibility of business operations, sales & PO details. You can also send actions back to your Intact system.

  • Tailor the Intact Access dashboard for 24/7 visibility of key metrics.
  • Action live callbacks to their Intact system.
  • Issue and manage tasks remotely.
  • Confirm prices on an order, with a simple swipe action.
  • Direct access to call, email or locate contacts.
  • Manage timesheets remotely.
  • Access real-time customer, product, supplier and system data.
Intact Access Management Team Features


Warehouse Team App

Keep constant track of stock levels and outstanding orders. You can also make stock adjustments on the go and view real-time relevant system information such as:

  • Products with current stocking status and quantity levels
  • Products with free stock less than minimum quantity levels
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders with line detail
  • Outstanding Sales Orders with line detail
  • Make stock adjustments back to Intact on-the-go
Intact Access Warehouse Team Features


Employee Expenses App

Employees can post expenses while out in the field together with images of receipts.

  • Record expenses on-the-go
  • Capture images of receipts
  • Approve process for managers within Intact
  • Expenses are mapped to the relevant general ledger account
Intact Access Field Staff Features


Want to learn more about Intact Access?

Empower your employees with anytime, anywhere access to your Intact ERP system.


"Intact Access gave us the ability to publish and capture data using the smartphones already deployed throughout the business. The information is presented in easy-to-digest views where we can control the content. It also allows us to capture information even when offline which is a huge benefit.

Our obvious mobile audience was our sales force. However, this framework allows us to deploy quick solutions to Directors/Senior Management, Health and Safety Personnel and Facilities Management. Actually, the business solutions are endless and now we can meet the growing mobile demands from all areas of our business."

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