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Fiona McGuinness03-Oct-2019 14:55:111 min read

JJ Roofing Supplies selects 50-user iQ system

Intact are pleased to announce that JJ Roofing Supplies have placed their order for iQ software for roofing merchants. Moving from an older technology package, they will be installing a 50-user system across all of their 7 trading branches plus their distribution centre in St Albans. 

After nearly 3 years of meetings and consideration of all the major packages supplied across the industry, the team at JJ Roofing felt that Intact provided the most complete offering for their growing business needs. Recently adding a new branch in Southall, West London, they have recognised the need to move onto a software system which would help better control departments within the business and maintain their growth plans. 

Already boasting a very successful website, JJ Roofing were keen to ensure that any new package was modern and capable enough to provide a seamless integration and in Intact iQ they found this. 

Impressed with the level of functionality that the iQ package offers, along with its ability to easily integrate with 3rd party packages, JJ Roofing took their time to ensure what was the best fit for their modern outlook and growth plans. Coupling this with the built-in controls and workflow offered in the standard iQ software package they have placed their order with Intact. 

Commenting on the order, Darren Searles (General Manager) said, “We spent the best part of 3 years considering our move and this decision didn’t come lightly. With Intact iQ we feel we have found the perfect partner to move forward with over the coming years.” 

“Our business continues to grow, most recently with our new Southall branch and we need a modern system from an industry specialist to assist us in the next phases of our expansion over the coming years. We are all looking forward to working with Intact and getting the iQ system installed.” 


NOTE: JJ Roofing Supplies originally bought their Intact system from BlueRock Systems, which was acquired by Intact in 2022.



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