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Intact iQ's in-built flexibility & customizable capabilities ensure you gain the benefits of a perfect-fit ERP solution for your business. Future-proof your business with our enterprise-wide business management solution designed to elevate your business.
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Your Future.
One Solution.

Intact iQ is an ERP system that extends seamlessly to mobile, connecting and supporting all areas of your business.

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Complete Financials

Manage all your financial reporting & management accounts in a single solution which also incorporates fully integrated online customer account management.

Stock Control SOP/POP/MWS

Automate order processing procedures & facilitate intelligent stock management throughout and across your branch/warehouse network.

CRM, SRM & Marketing

Effectively manage your customers, suppliers, leads & prospects in a centralised location.

Business Intelligence

Enterprise-wide, integrated business intelligence tool delivering real-time, relevant data to aid decision making.

Process Automation

Automate countless tasks, processes and business rules to maximise efficiencies and take the noise out of your business.

Trade counter, Online EPOS

Fast, accurate order processing and real-time visibility of your margin & stock information

Integrated E-commerce

Integrate your web store with Intact iQ using our Intact Cliqx e-commerce solution – It’s the smart way to sell online.

Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

A personalised mobile work tool for your employees that gives them 24/7 access to view and capture relevant business information in real-time.


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ERP Implementation:
A Preparatory Guide

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Perfect Fit By Design

Embrace what makes you different

  • Retain and enhance the business processes that give you your competitive advantage. Design your system around your ways of working, not the other way around.
  • Every view, every screen, business rules, highlight rules, alerts, menus, actions, and so many other things within your Intact iQ system can be customised by you – the end user
  • Optimise job roles & simplify tasks with tailored KPI dashboards, screens and menus equipping your employees with instant access to the information and controls they need
  • Role-based security polices allow for tight, yet easily managed access control
  • The flexibility of Intact iQ enables our business consultants, rather than developers, to build and customise your core solution
  • Codeless customisation means lower total cost of ownership, faster implementation process and continuous upgrades
  • Advanced levels of control and autonomy facilitate continuous improvement & extends the life or your system
  • Intact iQ empowers you to own your own system – designed with you, for your business

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Easily Extend & Scale

At every level

  • Scalable at every level whether you grow organically or need to add branches, diversify or include acquisitions
  • Once implemented, Intact iQ can be rapidly adapted to reflect present and future business needs
  • Future-ready ERP system that’s mobile enabled throughout
  • As an open system, Intact iQ is 3rd party friendly, integrating seamlessly with any systems you currently use and need to keep
  • No wait times for updates or version upgrades
  • Our focus on future innovations ensures you are ready for what’s next for your industry and customers
  • Start with the functionality you need today and scale with additional functionality when ready

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Complete Business Control

Take the noise out of your business

  • The right information is automatically delivered to the right users, at the right time, in the right format
  • Triggered intelligence keeps employees focused on what needs immediate action enforcing real-time, data-driven decision making
  • Ensure rules or processes are adhered to 24/7. Easily set up and assign highlight, warn, prevent, authorise, protect or notify rules at user, group or company level
  • Scheduled reporting ensures operational and exceptional reports are delivered automatically
  • Give your delivery team, sales reps, warehouse staff, order taking and management team mobile access to the key business information and controls they need 24/7

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Single, Enterprise Wide ERP

Provides real-time, 360-degree visibility of your business

  • A centralised database assures a seamless flow of real-time information, controls and workflows across all business departments, branches and online sales.
  • Integrated business intelligence gives you and your team access to powerful multi-dimensional analytics
  • 3rd party friendly. An open system that enables you to seamlessly integrate any 3rd party applications you currently use, need to keep or may want in the future

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Mobile ERP access – Mobilise your data, your way

  • Intact iQ extends seamlessly to mobile giving you and your employees access to real-time key information, KPIs and controls relayed from your Intact iQ system 24/7
  • Our smartphone app can be tailored for each end user providing your employees with a personalised mobile work app that is cost-effective and easy to set up
  • Reduces reliance on the office-based team to answer field queries and log data from the field
  • Ease of use drives a high adoption rate
  • Functionality works off and on-line
  • Mobile POD (Proof of Delivery) signature capture as standard

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Boost Productivity

Business process automation

  • Intuitive workflows help automate numerous processes, rules and tasks to enhance productivity and reduce errors
  • Save time and eliminate duplication with process automation capabilities that extend right throughout the software
  • Transform tedious, time-consuming tasks into efficient automated workflows
  • Automate workflows at company, role or user level to create a truly lean organisation
  • No coding required. Create your own automation rules with ease across the system

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Our Partnership Approach

Collaborative & customer centric

  • We listen to how your business works today and challenge your thinking. We respect how things have been done before, whilst applying our industry and system knowledge to find better ways to do things
  • The solutions we provide are end to end. The technology, sales team, implementation consultant, project management, ICT, customer care and innovation roadmap are all Intact’s own giving you accountability in one place
  • Our in-depth customer pre-evaluation phase ensures we understand your requirements and deliver the right ERP solution designed to last
  • Our long-standing consultants are experts in your sector and bring industry knowledge and best practice expertise to your project
  • Our ideation forum ensures you always have a voice in Intact helping shape our product innovation roadmap

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Sector-specific solutions

Intact iQ is delivered via a carefully selected suite of modules.   Each industry-specific suite is based on 30+ years’ industry experience and designed to meet both the common requirements and nuances of your sector.

We know our core sectors inside out and bring our industry specific knowledge to each project.

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We can manipulate Intact iQ and change it which is fantastic. Simple things like if we want to change how our invoice looks we can change it. This gives control back to the business owner.

Lourde Bryan, MD - Toss Bryan
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We knew when we selected the Intact iQ system that it would grow with us. It is a solid platform that can easily facilitate additional or different functionality in the future.

Declan O'Donnell, Managing Director - James Boylan Safety
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Technology stack

Our technology is based on the latest frameworks and built to last.  It is designed to integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party systems you currently use, value, need to keep or any systems you may add in future.

Tried and Trusted Process

30 years+ developing & implementing industry focused ERP & business management solutions has shaped our proven Intact Implementation Process. It’s been engineered to deliver your project effectively, in the quickest time frame possible & the minimum amount of disruption.
Intact-Operational Readiness
It all starts here. We spend time understanding how your business operates. What’s working? What needs improving? This enables both teams (yours & ours) to design & sign off on a scope of works for your project. From here we can map out your project journey with accuracy & clarity.
Our team designs & builds a business software solution that’s the perfect fit for your business. The outputs from phase one form the basis for how your system should be configured to reflect your settings, forms designs, reports, process workflows, ledger settings etc. During this phase individual user/role/company interfaces are personalised.
To ensure adequate functionality is in place for go-live, your consultant will lead each department head through their business processes in Intact. This is done in test mode using sample transactions.
To enable a smooth transition to your new system, your project team get to use the system. This is your opportunity to get first-hand experience with the system & note any revisions. We encourage you to ask questions & gain a deep understanding of the software & how it is configured to support your business.
Now that the system has been checked, piloted & tested by your project team, we prepare your business to transition to your new system. This entails a final check & tidy of your system and sign off on items such as forms & screens. We also ensure sufficient end user training has taken place & that all hardware/ printers are in place.
You officially ‘go-live’ once we have completed the detailed implementation plan. Our Pro-Serve Consultant Team are onsite assisting and monitoring your success with the solution and providing any necessary assistance to ensure business operations are not disrupted.
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Innovation Pipeline

Intact iQ’s innovation pipeline is fed by customer requests and industry drivers – not internal commercial goals.

Constant innovation flows directly to our customers quarterly, so you’ll never have to wait for global upgrades.

Our Ideation Forum is driven by our customers. This ensures we focus on innovations that will make a real difference to your business

More about us

Intact iQ 28.1

Our quarterly releases encompass completely new modules, functionality, simple tweaks and epic innovations, thus ensuring that your Intact iQ system always employs the most up-to-date functions, features and technology designed for your industry.