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Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining Ltd Drives Growth with Intact iQ ERP

Wholesale & Distribution
Insulation & Dry Lining
Sheffield, UK

Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining Ltd

Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining LtdGalaxy Insulation & Dry Lining Ltd, an employee-owned business, has established itself as a market-leading insulation supplier since its inception in 2009. Now, with 14 branches across the UK, Galaxy has experienced exponential growth over the past 14 years.

Before Using Intact

In 2018, following a management buyout, Galaxy recognised the limitations of their ERP system, which lacked crucial insights and hindered their expansion efforts. Key areas such as stock control, margin analysis, and sales order processing were severely hampered, forcing them to rely heavily on manual operations. This brought them to market in search of a more robust system that could handle their growing business requirements.

The successful alignment of Intact iQ’s industry-specific capabilities with Galaxy’s needs played a crucial role in their decision. Additionally, they valued Intact iQ’s flexibility to empower them to overcome limitations, fuel growth, optimise operations, and make independent changes without relying on vendors or incurring costs.

Moreover, Galaxy Insulations appreciated Intact’s independence, technical background and forward-thinking approach.

Pain points

  • Lack of crucial insights hindering expansion efforts
  • Manual-heavy operations due to limitations in stock control, margin analysis, and sales order processing.
  • Need for a robust system to overcome existing constraints, handle growth, and meet evolving business requirements.

After Intact iQ

Despite transitioning to Intact iQ during the pandemic, Galaxy’s implementation of Intact ERP went smoothly. According to Galaxy’s Finance Director, Paul Lancaster,

“Intact’s intuitive interface and comprehensive on-screen
information made it feel as if we’d always been using it”.

Since going live on the system, Intact iQ has played a significant role in supporting Galaxy’s impressive growth.

Galaxy has greatly benefited from Intact’s flexible reporting control desks, which have allowed them to effectively manage their expanding business on a larger scale.

These customised on-screen control desks play a vital role in empowering branch managers with relevant information, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and effectively controlling their operations.

By optimising their stock control, they have achieved industry-leading inventory levels and significantly enhanced order management and pricing processes. Today their branch directors, inspired by Intact’s capabilities, regularly devise new processes, controls, and reports to further improve their systems’ capabilities.

Galaxy’s branch count has doubled from 7 to 14 since implementing Intact, and the Intact system seamlessly accommodated their evolving needs.


Supporting Diverse Management Styles

Galaxy’s acquisition of businesses with different management styles led to the emergence of two distinct entities operating within a single organisation. Intact iQ played a pivotal role in bridging this gap by providing customised reporting tailored to each group’s specific management approach. This flexibility empowers Galaxy to maintain control over their processes while accommodating the reporting preferences of both entities. Together, they gain valuable insights into the overall performance of the business.

“Intact iQ’s flexibility greatly appealed to us, as it provided the freedom to make changes that we were previously unable to do in other systems. This newfound ability gave us an incredible sense of control over our operations.

With just a few people coming up with ideas and, when needed, the guidance of Intact consultants, we can proactively transform our system, gaining a competitive edge in the market. Intact iQ has truly become a great enabler for us, allowing us to seize growth opportunities without any worries of being held back by the software.”

Embracing Growth and Collaboration

A truly ambitious company, Galaxy will continue to extend its system’s capabilities to other products offered by Intact, such as the B2B customer portal. Paul Lancaster’s concluding remarks capture the essence of our partnership. He states,

“Everything we need Intact iQ to do, it can do. It’s a fabulous piece of software – highly customisable, user-friendly, and seamlessly compatible. I welcome their investment and ongoing improvements in the software, and I have confidence in their strong product roadmap.

As a true advocate, I firmly believe that our partnership will pave the way for mutual success and growth for both companies in the future.” 


Key benefits

  • Autonomy, control and flexibility to customise Intact iQ to fit their business needs.
  • Greater efficiencies around pricing, stock control and order management.
  • Flexible reports and control desks to support daily operations and diverse management styles.
  • A strong product roadmap and investment in Intact iQ will further enhance their growth and success.
“Intact’s intuitive interface and comprehensive on-screen information made it feel as if we’d always been using it.”
Galaxy Insulation & Dry Lining Ltd
Paul Lancaster, Finance DirectorGalaxy Insulation & Dry Lining