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Home Store + More

Video case study: Home Store + More enhances business insight with Intact iQ

Home Goods Store
Dublin, Ireland

Home Store + More, a leading home goods retailer based in Dublin, Ireland, relies on Intact iQ to gain comprehensive visibility into every aspect of their business operations. With Intact iQ seamlessly integrating all essential business functions into a unified platform, Home Store + More now enjoys enhanced clarity and control over their operations.

Intact iQ's robust capabilities empower Home Store + More to monitor and analyse critical business metrics efficiently. By consolidating data from various departments into a single system, Intact iQ enables Home Store + More to make well-informed decisions promptly. This holistic approach not only improves operational efficiency but also supports strategic planning and growth initiatives.

With greater visibility into sales trends, inventory levels, and customer preferences, Home Store + More can optimise their product offerings and pricing strategies to meet consumer demands effectively. Moreover, Intact iQ's user-friendly interface simplifies day-to-day operations, enabling staff to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service and driving business performance.

Discover how Home Store + More leverages Intact iQ to enhance operational insights, streamline processes, and elevate customer experiences. Explore their journey towards achieving business excellence through integrated ERP solutions.