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Fiona McGuinness31-Mar-2023 13:37:084 min read

Get smart about your sales process

Updated [March 2023]: We’ve recently updated this post with new information to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant content possible. We hope you find this updated post helpful and informative

Do you know exactly how your sales reps are performing at any given time? Being able to rate and assess your sales team’s performance relies partially on how well you can monitor their activities. However, many business owners simply aren’t aware of what their sales teams are up to, which could be due to a lack of access to accurate information on the sales process, or data being spread out across various locations.

With help from the right business management software, there’s no excuse for not staying on top of your sales teams’ activities. Modern, flexible ERP/business management software can provide all the relevant information to you in one place, without the need for manual searching. Below, we’ll go through how businesses can improve their sales process using this software.

Why Business Management Software is Crucial for Your Sales Process

Improved visibility of business operations

Providing dashboards, workflows, scheduled reporting, alerts and more; fully integrated CRM systems can dramatically improve the visibility of your sales process. Mobile apps can also provide businesses with real-time updates, continuous visibility of your business operations and relevant KPIs alongside the provision of remote task management.

Our Intact Access mobile software allows everyone to have 24/7 access to the information they need, improving transparency, control, and accountability. It also optimises the input and visibility of any remote employees.

What is your sales team up to

Automation keeps everyone in the loop

When was the last time you examined your sales cycle? Are you being kept informed if your sales team are actively generating new sales leads and acquiring new customers?

Using business management software, the right people can be automatically informed in real-time about opportunities and sales leads via email, text, and notification.

Your sales teams are also responsible for ensuring existing customers are engaged and regularly place repeat orders. To promote repeat orders (as well as new customers), you can set up automatic notifications to track the stages of the sales process. Therefore, if an issue arises with an order, you can assess the situation and take immediate action.

Business management software can also enable features such as warehouse alerts and invoicing when your team makes a sale.

Who are the sales people

Real-time access to accurate information

In today’s fast-paced world, accessing accurate information about your business at the click of a button is essential. Or better still, have critical information scheduled to be delivered directly to you (even when you’re not in the office).

The aim of ERP/business management software is to make your life easier, allowing you the time to focus on more critical business operations. If the time has come for you to assess and attack your sales cycle and integrate it with every element of your company, then it may be time to examine your sales tools and systems.

Which Features of Business Management Software Will Make Your Sales Process More Efficient?


ERP can automate many time-consuming manual tasks, such as data entry, order processing, and invoicing. This reduces the administrative burden on sales reps and leaves more time to focus on selling.

Access to a centralised database

Access to real-time, accurate information is important because it allows sales reps to make informed decisions, quickly respond to customer queries, and adjust sales strategies accordingly. However, all this is only possible with a centralised database where all the required information can be stored securely.

Cntralised database

Having a centralised database can also improve customer service by providing sales reps with quick and easy access to customer data, such as order history, preferences, and service requests. This allows sales reps to provide a higher level of service, resolve issues promptly, and build stronger customer relationships. In turn, this can lead to more return customers repeating orders.

Integration capabilities

For businesses with eCommerce sites or marketplace applications, such as Amazon or eBay, integration with your ERP software can be vital for your sales reps on the road. Business software with integration capabilities can quickly inform your sales team about an order on any channel.

Streamlined workflows

ERP can streamline various sales process steps by automating the approval process and workflows. This reduces unnecessary delays and ensures your sales reps are equipped with the resources they need to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Facilitated collaboration

ERP can facilitate collaboration between sales reps and other departments, such as marketing and customer service. As a result, this ensures your sales reps have access to the necessary information to close deals, and that customer inquiries are resolved with ease and efficiency.

Ready to get started with future-fit software that can truly enhance your sales process? Take a look at our solutions or get in touch today.


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