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Fiona McGuinness29-Mar-2023 14:57:264 min read

How to Improve Communication Within a Large Business

Cohesive business communication is absolutely vital for supporting and promoting internal and cross-departmental collaboration and understanding.

However, communication challenges can arise for growing businesses as they adjust to a larger workforce. From deploying a centralised database to introducing regular check-ins, there are several ways that businesses of any size can implement better communication strategies and processes.

In this guide, we’ll delve into how you can improve communication within your large business and the benefits it can provide.

Methods for improving communication

Here are just some of the most-effective methods growing businesses can use to boost their communication.

Centralise your systems and database to support collaboration

A centralised database and management system facilitated by ERP software can make it much easier for teams and departments to collaborate and communicate. By deploying unified systems with tailored user, role, and department interface capabilities, employee efficiency can be boosted since everyone sees only the information they need.

With fewer roadblocks and holdups from outdated and unnecessary information and processes, large businesses can reap the benefits of improved transparency and productivity.

It’s worth remembering that technology holds the power to both enhance and disrupt inter-team communication. Be careful not to deploy disparate and standalone systems since these can be the root cause of a fragmented company structure incapable of effective collaboration.

Implementing a centralised ERP system allows you to roll out personalised, intuitive interfaces to various teams and departments, which can ensure everyone is sharing the same information.

Workers checking goods stock on shelf in warehouse inventory using digital tablet.

Take your business mobile

Integrating mobile systems to your ERP software can significantly benefit businesses with remote employees or teams working across different premises.

Mobile business software gives employees access to the information and controls they need, when they need it, 24/7. This is particularly helpful for your sales reps, management team and delivery teams on the road, and eliminates call-backs to the office with queries. Having this real-time access to a centralised database enables employees to cross-communicate and collaborate regardless of when or where they’re working.

Overall, integrating mobile solutions to your ERP software can help your business to become more agile, efficient, and effective in serving your customers, while also improving your bottom line.

Check-ins with employees

The key to good communication is having and maintaining a good understanding of how your employees are doing and what they’re working on. Therefore, management teams should prioritise regular check-ins with all employees as a business grows its workforce.

Keeping track of the status of projects and targets while welcoming feedback and suggestions should help managers continue to improve business processes. Additional suggestions from staff can also make their jobs easier and help with work delegation. As a result, your business can benefit from boosted productivity since employees are less likely to feel overloaded and ignored.

Work towards common goals

Business alignment is important to successfully reach company-wide goals. To achieve this, there needs to be cross-departmental collaboration of which communication is a crucial aspect.

Warehouse manager sharing delivery schedules with team in the warehouse in front of a shelf rack to determine the warehouse operations process.

Communicating company goals to staff is also important for gaining buy-in and ensuring everyone is on board. Your staff won’t want to commit to new software or processes if they don’t understand the reasons behind their implementation, so it’s always worth communicating wider business goals across every level.

By sharing information between teams and departments through regular updates, you’ll allow for better collaboration and improve understanding of what is currently being worked on and future workload priorities. Therefore, employees can gain a better understanding of why they’re taking on certain tasks and the end goal for their day-to-day activities.

Measure staff communication and engagement

Measuring and evaluating staff communication and receiving feedback where necessary is vital for improving overall communication. After all, how can you improve when you don’t know exactly where your staff engagement currently sits?

Improving communication will require regularly touching base with all departments to assess interdepartmental communication and collaboration. During this process, any grievances should be noted and acted upon while deciding whether to review internal systems, processes, controls, policies, and procedures.

Consider your staff engagement levels and any improvements your staff might be able to suggest for building more effective lines of communication between teams.

Invest in business management software

Investing in ERP software can increase communication in a large business by providing a centralised platform for data sharing and collaboration.

With an ERP system, departments can easily access and share data in real-time, enabling teams to work together more efficiently and effectively. This can improve communication between different departments and reduce silos, leading to better decision-making, streamlined workflows, and a more cohesive organisational culture.

ERP software also provides tools for communication and collaboration, such as alerts and scheduled reports further enhancing communication across you business. Overall, ERP software can foster better communication, collaboration, and teamwork in large businesses.

At Intact, we offer fully scalable business management solutions capable of improving company-wide communication. For more information or to explore the products and services we offer, visit the homepage.


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