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Leveraging the power of mobile, Intact Access provides business information to you and your team across multiple devices, with real-time, 24/7 access to your Intact ERP or business software system. That means greater control, transparency, and accountability, but most of all it ensures remote employee productivity is maximised.

24/7 real-time access

  • Enjoy real-time updates and information bulletins on your mobile device, with personalisation options to tailor insights for different users
  • Free employees from office-based logistics, boosting the productivity of remote and in-field operators
  • Manage tasks, issues and workflows in a fully remote setting, with intuitive interfaces for simple mobile task management
  • Mobile data capture means unified and accurate data centre management, reducing the risk of error and duplication

Personalised mobile app

  • Role-based functionality allows for easy personalisation, with information and updates based on job role and function
  • Sales, Warehousing, Deliveries, Purchasing & Management mobile apps available as standard
  • Tailor KPI dashboards for different users
  • Immediate access to key information and dashboards for specific users

Leverage mobile capabilities

  • Cross-platform functionality, with applications for Android and iOS devices
  • Works online and offline, for unparalleled flexibility
  • Unlock enhanced smartphone-enabled functionality, including image capture and voice to text
  • Access satellite map navigation
  • Create emails, make calls and access apps at the touch of a button
  • Seamless access via relevant app stores

Design your own enterprise app with Access Pro

  • Extend the functionality based on your bespoke requirements with Intact Access Pro

Fully Integrated Mobile App

As well as integrating with Intact iQ and Intact Xline, our Intact Access app works alongside our e-commerce solution Intact Cliqx. This across-the-board mobile functionality makes it easy for remote personnel to manage different business functions including, customer service, warehousing, and logistics. 

Whether you’re an Intact iQ or Intact Xline customer, Access allows you to view relevant business information and updates from your Intact system. It also records data such as CRM notes, delivery signatures etc.  This remotely recorded data then syncs directly with your system in real-time (once your smartphone is online), simplifying day-to-day operations for your remote and office-based teams.  

The system comes with six mobile applications including, Sales Team, Management Team*, Purchasing Team*, Warehouse Team, Delivery Team and Enterprise Level*, so your full operation can feel the benefit of advanced system mobility. 

 *Purchasing, Management and Enterprise apps not currently available for Xline as standard.

Who can use
Intact Access?

Intact Access can benefit teams across your business…


The Sales Team App empowers customer-facing personnel, from account managers to sales reps. Offering access to real-time customer and lead information, the app lets you manage reports, order history, stock level and delivery status in one place – ideal for remote sales teams who rely on up-to-date and up-to-the-minute customer information out in the field.

The Sales Team App offers:

  • View quotations, orders, invoices, delivery notes, CRM interactions and other customer data
  • Create CRM notes
  • Record competitor insights
  • Visit reports
  • Record delivery exceptions on site – e.g., under/over delivery quantities, damaged goods, missing goods etc.


Intact Access offers a specialist Delivery App that simplifies the order fulfilment process, allowing your delivery drivers to record delivery updates, access maps and navigation tools, and take customer signatures in one place. And with live delivery updates fed back to your main system, you can keep track of the whole process with complete transparency and control.

With the Delivery Team App you can:

  • Push delivery lists and notifications
  • Integrated satellite navigation
  • Advanced in-app signature and image capture


With Intact Access, the Management Team App brings key information to managers in real time, while allowing for the seamless management of tasks and issues. The application is designed to make day-to-day operations simpler for management personnel, whether accessing customer and client information or logging expenses and timesheets.

The Management Team App offers:

  • Customisable dashboards for 24/7 visibility and updates
  • Push notifications and alerts for key business activities
  • Direct access to calls, emails and contacts
  • In-built expenses and timesheet management


Efficient warehousing relies on accurate data and smooth operational workflows, which is where the Warehouse Team App comes into its own. With real-time inventory information and reports, your warehouse personnel can oversee stock control on a granular level, providing greater control and total accuracy to ensure timely order fulfilment.

The Warehousing Team App offers:

  • Outstanding purchase orders with line detail
  • Damaged stock write-off
  • Inventory status and quantity
  • Minimum stock levels
  • Outstanding sales orders with line detail
  • Stock checks

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Utilise the power of mobile to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your workforce with a solution that delivers exactly what you need, whenever you need it. Intact Access is an essential mobile tool for any modern enterprise, offering intuitive functionality and future-fit features at a time when business practices are evolving like never before.

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