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Intact Access 2.0

Get the information you need anywhere, anytime.

Leveraging the power of mobile, Intact Access 2.0 provides business information to you and your team across multiple devices, with real-time, 24/7 access to your Intact system. That means greater control, transparency, and accountability, but most of all it ensures remote employee productivity is maximised.

& benefits

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NEW! Enhanced Features

  • Dark mode and tablet support for optimal viewing of charts and tables
  • Improved data formatting and customisable highlight rules for better data visualisation
  • Faster data entry and smoother task performance
  • Input templates for quick an easy value selection
  • Seamlessly process workflows with live actions
  • Multi-capture feature for a convenient shopping – cart style order building.
  • Download and share PDF documents, such as POD or invoices, direct from your device

24/7 real-time access

  • Information on demand with live data retrieved from Intact iQ
  • Reduces reliance on office based team to answer field queries
  • Your team can issue and manage tasks remotely
  • Data capture updates made in the mobile app sync with your Intact system, in real-time to avoid data re-entry.

Personalised mobile app

  • Role-based functionality allows you to publish different information to different people based on their job role
  • Sales, warehousing, deliveries & management mobile apps available as standard
  • Immediate access to key activity/information relevant to a specific user

Leverage mobile capabilities

  • Use camera functionality to attach images to CRM entries & proof of delivery (POD) entries
  • Speech to text capability while adding notes
  • Access to integrated satellite map navigation
  • Ease of use drives high adoption rates
  • Cross-platform functionality (Android and iOS devices)
  • Initiate emails, calls and maps at a click

Fully Integrated Mobile App

As well as integrating with Intact iQ and Intact Xline, our Intact Access app works alongside our e-commerce solution Intact Cliqx and our transport scheduler module. This across-the-board mobile functionality makes it easy for remote personnel to manage different business functions including customer service, warehousing, and logistics. 

Whether you’re an Intact iQ or Intact Xline customer, Access allows you to view relevant business information and updates from your Intact system. It also records data such as CRM notes, delivery exceptions etc.  This remotely recorded data then syncs directly with your system in real-time, simplifying day-to-day operations for your remote and office-based teams.  

The system comes with mobile applications for your sales team, management, warehouse and delivery teams, so your business can feel the benefit of advanced system mobility. 

Who can use
Intact Access?

Intact Access can benefit teams across your business…


The Sales Team App empowers customer-facing personnel, from account managers to sales reps. Offering access to real-time customer and lead information, the app lets you manage reports, order history, stock level and delivery status in one place – ideal for remote sales teams who rely on up-to-date and up-to-the-minute customer information out in the field.

The Sales Team App:

  • Offerss real-time customer, prospect or lead information – contact details, google map locator, credit status, top products, quotations, invoices and orders, annual turnover and much more
  • Access real-time product information quickly – Delivery status, stock levels, products details, RRP and much more. It also provides access to live customer-specific pricing
  • Add orders on the go – Quickly add orders and quotes, with relevant pricing, back to Intact iQ
  • Post updates back to your Intact CRM system – Visit reports and create CRM notes


Intact Access offers a specialist Delivery App that simplifies the order fulfilment process, allowing your delivery drivers to record delivery updates, access maps and navigation tools, and take customer signatures in one place. And with live delivery updates fed back to your main system, you can keep track of the whole process with complete transparency and control.

With the Delivery Team App you can:

  • Avail of our easy to use image and signature capture functionality where locations are also recorded upon receiving a signature
  • Receive push delivery lists notifications in advance, with live delivery updates fed back into your Intact iQ system
  • Utilise map navigation related to your customer and delivery lists
  • Easily integrate with our transport scheduler module
  • Delivery exceptions can be noted, where issues arise, and fed back to your Intact iQ system


With Intact Access, the Management Team App brings key information to managers in real time, while allowing for the seamless management of tasks and issues. The application is designed to make day-to-day operations simpler for management personnel, whether accessing customer and client information or logging expenses.

The Management Team App enables you to:

  • Action live call backs to your Intact iQ system for relevant information
  • Issue and manage tasks remotely
  • Speed up the approval of key processes, such as confirming prices on an order, with a simple swipe action
  • Increase efficiency via the use of built-in handlers providing direct access to call, email or locate your contacts with ease
  • Access real-time relevant customer, products, supplier and other internal system data with ease


Efficient warehousing relies on accurate data and smooth operational workflows, which is where the Warehouse Team App comes into its own. With real-time inventory information and reports, your warehouse personnel can oversee stock control on a granular level, providing greater control and total accuracy to ensure timely order fulfilment.

The Warehousing Team App enables you to view real-time relevant information such as:

  • Products with current stocking status and quantity levels
  • Products with free stock less than minimum quantity levels
  • Outstanding purchase orders with line detail
  • Outstanding sales orders with line detail
  • Make stock adjustments back to Intact iQ on-the-go

Field Staff

Experience streamlined expense management with our Remote Expense feature: no paperwork, faster reimbursement, accurate financial tracking, reduced admin workload, and enhanced workflow efficiency.

With the Intact Access app your field staff can remotely:

  • Record expenses on-the-go
  • Capture images of receipts
  • Approve process for managers within iQ
  • Expenses are mapped to relevant general ledger account

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Utilise the power of mobile to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your workforce with a solution that delivers exactly what you need, whenever you need it. Intact Access is an essential mobile tool for any modern enterprise, offering intuitive functionality and future-fit features at a time when business practices are evolving like never before.

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