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Intact iQ Design Suite enables you to build a customizable ERP solution that powers your business to operate at its best

Intact iQ

Design Suite

Created to accommodate various businesses who have been unable to find a robust ERP software solution that can accommodate their necessary requirements yet still flex and scale to cater for future needs; Intact iQ Design Suite enables such businesses to customise and build an upgrade compatible, fully supported and scalable ERP solution.

Its carefully designed architecture facilitates the enhancement and extension of Intact iQ’s standard features and functionality to accommodate your specific business requirements.

Those requirements may be unique ways of working, value-add activities or other crucial elements that set you apart from the competition.

If you have exhausted your search for an ERP solution that can flex to accommodate these crucial requirements, the Intact iQ Design Suite may be the perfect-fit ERP solution for your business.

Intact iQ Design Suite


Intact iQ is based on the latest frameworks and built to last. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party systems you currently use, value, need to keep or any systems you may add in future.

Out-of-the box the Intact iQ Design Suite includes Finance, Credit Control & Rebate Management, Stock & Warehouse Management, Procurement, Business Process Automation, Integrated Analytics, Automated Business Intelligence, Multi-Branch & Inter-Company Trading, Integrated E-Commerce, Mobile Application functionality and much more.

Intact iQ Agility is a central component of the Design Suite solution. It provides a framework where the vast majority of changes to the software can be made by our consultants or your in-house system administrator, ‘on the spot’, without having to involve any developers.

The Intact iQ Design Suite framework was built to ensure all additions/modifications to your solution have no effect on the core managed code of Intact iQ. This means one version of Intact iQ is consistently maintained across our client base, ensuring your solution can readily avail of product updates and will be fully supported.

Intact iQ Design Suite is a powerful platform upon which you can build a unique yet robust solution to meet your needs. Whilst your business will be armed with the skills and training required to modify the solution on an ongoing basis, your initial ERP implementation and related system design will be executed in partnership with our expert Design Suite consultants and program managers.

The speed and simplicity of implementation saved us a great deal of time and money. Intact iQ Design Suite delivered on all its promises. The fact that it can be moulded to replicate existing processes means that employees were subjected to minimal stress and disruption.

Robert Hargreaves, CEO - Scattergood and Johnson

Working with a company who is the owner of the software is hugely beneficial in our case. It provides flexibility we wouldn’t have with other packages. It allows the solution to flex to our needs as opposed to us flexing to the software’s demands.

Marcin Kantor, Business Process Improvement Director - Home Store & More

Replacing our in-house developed system was always going to prove a challenge but with Intact iQ Design Suite we have overcome that challenge and been able to improve on the high level of service our customers have come to expect from us.

Iain Manson, Financial Controller - Scattergood & Johnson Ltd.

An out of the box solution simply wouldn’t have worked for us. Intact iQ Design Suite gave us the flexibility required to enable us to optimise the system for how we wish to operate.

Marcin Kantor, Business Process Improvement Director - Home Store & More

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Your out of the box bespoke solution

For some business, investing in an ERP solution that still involves numerous workarounds may appear to be the only viable option.  Building a bespoke solution is often discounted for being a costly and lengthy process that becomes too cumbersome to manage long-term.

Borne from the belief that technology designed for your business, drives your business, Intact has developed a framework to meet your needs.  The Intact iQ Design Suite empowers you to easily optimise and custom your ERP solution over its lifetime and more importantly, accomplish this without the need to involve developers for the vast majority of changes.

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