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Intact iQ
Intact iQ
Intact iQ is an enterprise-wide ERP platform covering purchasing, stock, sales, finance and marketing. With advanced agility, automation and BI.
Intact Xline

Intact Xline

Intact Xline is a low-cost, easy-to-use, Business Management Software solution covering purchasing, stock, sales, finance, marketing and more.

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Intact Xline
optional features

Make the most of Intact Xline's extra features and functions.
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Tailor your solution with optional modules.

In addition to the vast range of standard features, Xline users can extend the functionality of their solution with optional modules that can be added at any time. Perfect for progressive businesses that continuously strive to get more from their system, these add-on features support a broad array of supplementary day-to-day functions – helping you extract greater value from your system.
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Xline with MWS

Unlock more features as you need them.

Create-Prototype Bill of Materials

Take control of stock, raw materials, and inventory items with Xline's bill of materials, which integrates with the our smart stock control functionality.

User-Testing Job Costing

Track parts, materials, and labour costs across all business activity with this module.

Improve large databases Data Clear-Out

Maintain security and compliance by regularly using the 'Data Clear-Out' tool to remove surplus data from your systems.

backlink Excel Connector

Bridge the gap between Xline and Excel with the Excel Connector, ideal for advanced management accounting in Excel.

Website-Optimization CRM Lite

Optimise customer interactions and boost conversions with the CRM Lite add-on, which makes it easy to store, track and monitor customer data.

Finder-Software Serial and Batch Tracking

Retain tight control of your inventory with serial and batch tracking functionality – perfect for perishable or date-sensitive stock.

search-result Tile Distribution

Organise products by different criteria and manage batch-tracking, shade control and cartons.

System-setup Machine Service

Make light work of maintaining and servicing equipment with our machine service functionality.

Landing-Page-Optimization Stock by Size

Supports matrix and indexed product functionality for easy viewing and management of product range by size, style, colour, etc.

Adaptive-Coding Third-Party Integration API

Connect Xline to compatible third-party applications, for seamless processing and optimal efficiency via our Portal API.

support Telesales

Optimise sales channels with our integrated telesales. Easily coordinate operators and provide key customer information to hand, like order history and preferences

download-application Mobile Warehouse

Boost stock management mobility with our mobile warehouse solution. Monitor stock across locations, process sales and purchase orders seamlessly.

Sitemap Exporter

Export information for 3rd party applications such as NMBS and Toolbank on a scheduled basis.

Payment-Gateway EDI

Make and receive faster electronic transactions.

sketching Timber Sales

Track raw materials purchasing with our timber sales function.

SEO-Package Courier Integration

Track deliveries, returns and associated logistics with our courier integration module.

global-solution Luckins Integrator

Full integration with LUCKINS and LUCKINSLive.

promo-site Ecommerce Solution****

Our b2b or b2c ecommerce and online account management solutions integrate seamlessly with your Xline system.

user-interaction Access Mobile Signature Capture*

Keep business moving with our handy signature capture app, perfect for approving transactions and ratifying contracts on the go.

Email Access Contactless Deliveries*

Streamline the delivery process with our mobile app contactless functionality.

Content-development Access Mobile Expenses Recording*

Take the hassle out of day-to-day admin with the clever expenses recording add-on, great for tracking work-related payments on the go.

content Document Scanning**

Streamline administrative tasks with our document scanning facility.

Secure-Payment Credit Card Integration***

Simplify transactions and manage accounts with our credit card integration. Supports chip and pin, customer not present, and pay by link.

* Requires Access mobile device licence     ** 3rd party software required     *** Elavon only  **** Requires Cliqx licence

Empower your business with Intact Xline

By choosing Xline, you're securing your operations for the future, ensuring nothing gets in the way of productivity and growth. With a wide range of features, both standard and optional, combined with an easy-to-use interface, Xline is ready to drive your business forward. 

Upgrading to Xline is straightforward with our proven migration process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of its future-focused features and enhanced productivity right away.

Platform scalled

“Our migration from Intact Vline to Intact Xline ran so smoothly, which considering the size of the upgrade was a real success. We look forward to getting the best out of the new Intact Xline software in 2021.”

Dave Clark, Managing DirectorVanitorials

“As Intact Xline was built on a new, modern framework it is capable of delivering levels of functionality not possible on Intact Vline, which is now 20 years old. It made sense to transition to a platform that could robustly support both our current and future operations.”

Gerry Dunniece, Financial ControllerMCP

“We did look at several alternatives to Intact Xline at the time, but it was the familiarities of the Intact Vline solution that had been specifically developed into the Intact Xline solution that sold it for us. With a move to Intact Xline we could futureproof our business, and make process improvements minimally disruptively.”

David McDowell, Financial AccountantSouth Down Feeds

“We are glad we made the move to Intact Xline. Not one member of staff has had a bad word to say about it. We rolled it out across our entire network in one go and are delighted with the range of additional benefits it has brought to the business, which we hadn’t anticipated.”

Michael Rooney, IT ManagerMurdock Group

Ready to take your business to the next level with Xline?

Our professional services team ensures a seamless migration, getting you up and running with minimal disruption. Discover the perfect solution for your business and get a free, no-obligation quote today.