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Smith Brothers Stores

Video case study: Smith Brothers Stores thrives with Intact iQ

Plumbing Merchant 
Leicestershire, UK

Discover how Smith Brothers Stores, a leading commercial heating and plumbing merchant based in Leicestershire, UK, leverages Intact iQ to streamline operations and enhance business efficiency.

Smith Brothers Stores, with its 14 depots across England and Wales, relies on Intact iQ to manage their extensive inventory and streamline order processing. By extending Intact iQ's capabilities to the Intact Access mobile app, they have empowered their workforce with real-time access to critical information, enabling them to operate more effectively on the go.

Learn how Intact iQ has transformed Smith Brothers Stores' business processes, from procurement to customer service, providing them with the tools needed to maintain their position as a leader in the competitive plumbing merchant sector. Hear from their team about the impact of Intact iQ on improving operational agility, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving growth.

Click the PLAY button above to hear directly from Smith Brothers Stores about their experience with Intact iQ and how it has enabled them to achieve operational excellence in the plumbing merchant industry.

(Note: Intact acquired BlueRock Systems in June 2022)