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Video case study: Klipspringer achieves operational excellence with Intact iQ

Wholesale & Distribution
Food Safety Equipment
Ipswich, UK

Discover how Klipspringer, a leading provider of food safety equipment in Ipswich, UK, leverages Intact iQ to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance for thousands of food and beverage production companies across the UK.

Intact iQ enables Klipspringer to streamline their business processes, from order management to inventory control, ensuring they meet stringent regulatory requirements while maintaining high product integrity. By integrating with third-party platforms seamlessly, Intact iQ supports Klipspringer in automating their warehouse operations and linking multiple branches for centralised management.

Learn how Klipspringer harnesses the power of Intact iQ to optimise operations, improve customer service, and drive business growth in the competitive food safety equipment sector. Explore their journey towards operational excellence and commitment to delivering superior solutions to their customers.