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Zodiac Stainless Steel

Video case study: Zodiac Stainless Steel boosts opperations with Intact iQ

Wholesale & Distribution
Catering equipment and housewares supplier
Birmingham, UK

Experience how Zodiac Stainless Steel, a leading catering equipment and housewares supplier based in Birmingham, UK, leverages Intact iQ to achieve operational excellence and maximize efficiency through its fully integrated mobile warehouse solution.

Discover how Zodiac Stainless Steel harnesses the power of Intact iQ to streamline their warehouse operations, optimise inventory management, and enhance overall productivity. Hear from their team members about the transformative impact of Intact iQ on their daily operations, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and support to their customers.

Learn more about how Intact iQ empowers Zodiac Stainless Steel to operate at their best, ensuring seamless business processes and driving continuous improvement in their operations.

Explore Zodiac Stainless Steel's journey with Intact iQ by clicking the PLAY button above.

(Note: Intact acquired BlueRock Systems in June 2022)