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Video case study: Eurosales transforms business efficiency with Intact iQ

Wholesale & Distribution
Electrical Wholesaler
Dublin, Ireland

Euro Sales stands as a prominent leader in the electrical wholesaling industry with four branches strategically located to serve diverse sectors including electrical, lighting, telecommunications, health, hospitality, facility maintenance, wholesale, state, semi-state, and construction. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives their operations, making them a trusted supplier in the market.

Discover how Euro Sales leverages Intact iQ, a robust ERP solution, to optimise their business operations and achieve peak performance. With Intact iQ, Euro Sales enhances their inventory management, streamlines order processing and ensures efficient customer service across their branches. The flexibility and scalability of Intact iQ empower Euro Sales to adapt swiftly to market changes and customer demands, maintaining their competitive edge in the industry.

From enhancing operational efficiency to improving customer satisfaction, Intact iQ plays a pivotal role in Euro Sales' success story. Learn more about how Euro Sales harnesses the power of Intact iQ to drive growth and deliver exceptional service to their clientele.

Explore the insights and benefits Euro Sales gains from Intact iQ in this compelling video case study, illustrating how innovative ERP solutions can transform wholesale and distribution businesses.