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Video case study: Fargro's success with Intact iQ

Wholesale & Distribution
Horticulture & Landscaping Supplies 
West Sussex, UK

Fargro, based in West Sussex, UK, leads the horticulture and landscaping supplies sector. As a premier supplier and distributor, they specialize in providing a wide range of horticultural products, energy services, and consultancy services tailored to commercial growers across the UK. Fargro's dedication to service excellence and product quality has cemented their standing in the industry.

With the implementation of Intact iQ, Fargro has optimised their operations and streamlined their business processes to ensure peak performance. Intact iQ's robust capabilities have enabled Fargro to enhance inventory management, streamline order processing, and gain deeper insights into their business performance. This transformation has not only improved efficiency but also empowered Fargro to make swift, data-driven decisions, responding effectively to market demands and customer needs.

By leveraging Intact iQ, Fargro has achieved significant milestones on their journey towards operational excellence. The platform's flexibility and scalability have allowed Fargro to adapt quickly to changes in the market landscape and seamlessly expand their service offerings. As they continue to grow, Fargro remains committed to harnessing Intact iQ's advanced features to drive further innovation and efficiency across their operations.

Discover how Fargro harnesses the power of Intact iQ to elevate their business operations to new heights and maintain their leadership in the horticulture and landscaping supplies sector.