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KCR Builders Providers

Video case study: KCR Builders Providers thrive with Intact iQ

Builders Providers
Dublin, Ireland


Explore how KCR Homevalue, a leading family-owned builders merchant with two branches in Dublin, Ireland, utilises Intact iQ to optimise their business operations. With a strong commitment to quality and service, KCR Builders Providers has established themselves as a trusted supplier in the industry.

Discover how Intact iQ empowers KCR Builders Providers to operate at their best by enhancing efficiency in inventory management, sales processes, and customer service. Learn from their experience as they leverage Intact iQ to streamline workflows, improve decision-making with real-time insights, and adapt to market demands swiftly.

Join KCR Builders Providers on their journey with Intact iQ and see firsthand how they harness advanced ERP capabilities to drive growth, improve profitability, and maintain their position as a leader in the builders' merchant sector.

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