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Uniboard Streamlines Operations with Intact iQ Integration

Wholesale & Distribution
Dublin, Ireland


UniboardUniBoard is an independent Irish stockist and distributor of paperboard products. Stocking up to 10,000 pallets in Ireland, the company offers an unrivalled range of boards for a wide variety of applications from their 3 warehouses in Dublin, Drogheda and Belfast.

Before Using Intact

Using several packages to run UniBoard’s busy paperboard stock and distribution business was preventing the company from running as efficiently as it aspired to. As long-term users of accounting software that lacked appropriate stock features, the company implemented an additional stock package to help them manage their large product portfolio. Over time, working with these and other systems became slow and cumbersome. Support was also difficult.

Sharon Fitzpatrick, UniBoard’s Financial Director, discovered Intact from an online search. With Intact iQ so far ahead of what they were using at the time, no other packages were evaluated. After two reference site visits, Sharon was confident Intact could do everything it needed to do in a single system and offered the level of support they required.

Pain points

  • After using the same accounting software package for many years and implementing an additional stock system in 2009/2010, UniBoard found their systems slow and cumbersome.

  • Accessing multiple screens to carry out tasks and being unable to answer customer queries as they happened was wholly inadequate and inefficient. They also found support difficult.

After Intact iQ

The biggest benefit to UniBoard’s business is by far the ability to run their entire business from a single system; preparing management accounts, checking their top 10 customers, or reviewing warehouse activities can be done within the one system and without logging into anything else. Having quick and easy access to all stock information is also vital.

With much better stock control, which includes full batch traceability, they know where everything is across their 3 warehouses. This ensures they can select the correct batch quickly and easily at the point of order knowing the information is accurate; greatly improving the speed at which they can answer customer queries too.

Using Intact’s fully integrated mobile warehouse solution, which was tailored to UniBoard’s unique and precise requirements, ensures there are no speed, reliability or integration issues to deal with.

“I love that everything is in the one package and it’s so user friendly. With our old system, we were at total capacity with the staff we had & everyone was under pressure. Now that all our processes are in a single system we’ve greatly improved staff productivity and have more time to concentrate on growing our sales.”
- Sharon Fitzpatrick, Financial Director

Running their business on a single package has given UniBoard much greater control of their business & crucially better stock control. This has ultimately improved their productivity & capacity to grow

Key benefits

  • The ability to run their entire business from a single system
  • Quick and easy access to real-time stock information
  • Very user friendly
“Now that all our processes are in a single system we’ve greatly improved staff productivity and have more time to concentrate on growing our sales.”
Sharon Fitzpatrick, Financial DirectorUniboard