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Evan Henry Electrical

Evan Henry Electrical Enhances Efficiency with Intact iQ

Electrical Engineer
Louth, Ireland

Evan Henry Electrical

Evan Henry ElectricalA family-run business, Evan Henry Electrical, provides a range of electrical services from design to installation through to maintenance. Established in 1984, they employ almost 30 staff, largely field-based service personnel.

Before Using Intact

For Ronan Henry, MD of Evan Henry Electrical, a manual, paper-based method of job and project costing made it difficult to track the commercial status of any project. Evaluating their position on quoted projects on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis was tedious and time-consuming. Time and material jobs were also difficult to track or evaluate.

In reviewing systems to improve his job and project management, Ronan looked into a web-based job costing system but found the technical know-how required to integrate it with Intact Vline, their existing system, did not sit well with him. They also found Sage too costly and didn’t fit their requirements.

Upon learning of Intact Software’s iQ product which included a fully integrated job and project management module, Ronan could see the benefits it could bring not only to his job costing process but his entire business.

Pain points

  • Evan Henry Electricals’ manual, paper-based method of doing their job and project costing was both laborious and time-consuming.
  • More importantly, they had no easy way of tracking costs/revenue for every stage of a job/project.

After Intact iQ

With Intact iQ, Ronan has significantly reduced the time he spends logging, managing and keeping track of their jobs and projects. More importantly, he instantly knows the value of a job and its commercial status.

His iQ Dashboard presents him with immediate access to outstanding purchase orders, invoices that need to be sent out and the status of every job. This means that invoices are getting sent out quicker and payments are coming in faster resulting in improved cash flow and reduced bad debts.

Intact iQ offers a cost-per-stage capability, a feature that EHE will exploit in the future to identify specific challenges like sub-contracted stages not meeting budget. This will allow him to focus on resolving issues on time and not at the end of the project. They also intend to introduce timesheet entry with an app to ensure that information is entered in a timely fashion as the job progresses. All in all, the iQ Job Costing has introduced efficiency and visibility across the entire operation.

“The Intact iQ support team have been very helpful & I’ve learnt a few things from them about tweaking the system for myself.” - Ronan Henry, Evan Henry Electrical

Tailored to suit their unique job costing processes, Intact iQ has saved Evan Henry Electrical countless man-hours. They know exactly where they stand on every job and no job is missed. Their invoicing and PO management has also become more visible and efficient.

“Intact iQ has saved me hours of work logging, managing and keeping on top of our jobs & projects. We’ve gone from assuming we made money on a job to knowing exactly where we stand on any given job because the information is there now.” - Ronan Henry, Managing Director

Key benefits

  • Efficient tracking of costs and revenue at every stage of a job
  • Real-time view of jobs, outstanding POs, invoices, profitability
  • Significant time saving

Intact iQ has saved me hours of work logging, managing and keeping on top of our jobs & projects.

Evan Henry Electrical
Ronan Henry, Managing DirectorEvan Henry Electrical