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Fiona McGuinness09-Nov-2021 14:10:245 min read

9 Ways Mobile Business Software Can Improve Your Business Operations

Adapting to the emergence and rapid growth in remote working has proven difficult for some businesses. Many found their operations where simply unprepared for the unique challenges of managing remote teams. Effective communication, collaboration and productivity can all fall by the wayside without the right approach, so investment in the appropriate mobile software is crucial.

Enterprise mobility software affords a powerful way to utilise mobile technology to your advantage when managing remote teams. But can it improve business communication, the key to efficient out-of-office working?

In this guide, we’re sharing 9 ways mobile software can improve your business communications.

1.     Anywhere, Anytime Communication

Investing in business software that extend to mobile devices means flexible, anywhere communication for your team. This not only affords greater convenience for remote workers, but also improved productivity, efficiency, and performance, with teams able to collaborate more effectively away from the office.

Granted, many remote teams currently leverage smartphone applications to stay connected away from the office. But an enterprise mobility solution goes a step further than simple instant messaging and file sharing. With workflows, system information & real-time system updates, and tasks all available at the touch of a button, apps such as Intact Access can greatly improve how efficient remote personnel are limiting their need to call back to the office for information

2.     Leverage Mobile Capabilities

While mobile devices have untethered teams from physical locations, affording greater flexibility and convenience, they’re yet to fully replace desktop work setups. But with the appropriate enterprise mobility app in place, there are few compromises, with teams able to utilise the capabilities of their mobile device and attain a level of in-field productivity comparable to traditional workspaces.

Mobility enterprise apps, such as Intact Access, helps teams utilise the in-built functionality of their device to streamline processes and get more done. Whether it’s delivery personnel collecting signatures via a touchscreen or using camera functionality to attach images of deliveries made or reps using voice to text functionality to record interactions; enterprise mobility apps allow you to leverage the capabilities of smartphones to your advantage.


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3.     Benefit from Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Sometimes, business can’t wait. Whether you’re away from the office or your teams are working remotely, there are always instances when updates and information are required without delay.

With mobility software, you can benefit from alerts, information, and notifications in real-time, so even when teams are working remotely, they can still get the information and updates they need. That means zero drop in productivity between office, home, warehouse, or other off-site locations, as well as invaluable insights for in-field staff.

Logistics personnel, in particular, will feel the benefit of accurate delivery scheduling and updates, with customer addresses, requests and changes available on a mobile device in real-time.

4.     Remote Data Capture for Improved Productivity

Efficient, accurate, secure, and consistent data capture is essential to the success of remote working. Teams need to be able to capture, store and manage company data safely and easily on their devices – something that can improve productivity enormously for remote personnel.

Transferring data between devices may be quick and simple on a lot of applications these days, but with the right mobility solution, data capture updates are instantaneous (once online). With remote devices syncing to your back-office system, staff are more efficient and avoid data re-entry and duplication.


5.     Customisable Dashboards for Simplified Task Management

Smartphones and tablets have risen to become indispensable enterprise tools both in and out of the office, but it’s important that they deliver a personalised and relevant experience for the end-user; one that is simple and easy to use. With the Intact Access app, your team can choose from a variety of role based mobile apps, so they can quickly access tools, tasks and alerts relevant to them.

As well as separate applications for different roles and levels, mobility software allows for intuitive interface personalisation. Set up customisable dashboards for individual users based on their role, tasks, and KPIs, and deliver key activity updates and information based on their job role and responsibility level.

6.     Direct Access to Calls, Emails and Contacts

Any disconnect between devices that someone uses in the office and at home or in the field can diminish productivity and add extra steps to their workflow cycle. Mobility enterprise apps aims to bridge that gap, for seamless and secure transitions between in-office and remote working.

One of the simplest advantages of mobile apps is that it allows users to utilise their device’s in-built email, call, and contacts functionality. Perfect for in-field sales operatives, it’s a simple solution that can bring powerful everyday benefits.

7.     Offline Functionality Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

Whether travelling abroad or struggling to connect to a secure wi-fi, there are times when remote workers may need to access data, alerts, and company information in an offline setting. Mobility apps like Intact Access makes this possible, allowing teams to access some controls and information without an internet connection with updates re-syncing when internet connections return

Offline functionality is often overlooked when searching for mobility apps, but we think it’s an essential to look out for. No longer will your teams suffer the frustration of relying on poor or non-existent connections to communicate and complete day-to-day tasks, with offline functionality allowing them to perform basic tasks with ease.

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8.     Greater Accountability and Control

With teams working across locations on multiple devices, monitoring tasks and ensuring secure data transfer can be challenging. On one hand, you want to give personnel as much freedom and control as possible, while on the other, you need to protect business assets and ensure that everyone is doing their job as required.

Investing in enterprise mobility apps drives accountability across your team, helping you trace workflows, projects, and progress more easily. This, in turn, makes it much simpler to maintain security, with the ability to implement access controls and personalised dashboards based on a person’s role. You also cut out any excuses for poor performance.

9.     Seamless Integration with Day-to-Day Management Software

Enterprise Mobility apps are leveraged alongside your modern business management interface, that is your ERP or business software platform. Offering seamless integration and connectivity, you and your team can connect to this foundational management system on multiple mobile devices – ideal for streamlined processes and secure database management.

At Intact, our Access enterprise mobility solution natively integrates with both our IntactiQ ERP system and Intact Xline, our SME-focused business management solution. Available as an optional add-on for both systems, it allows you to control relevant aspects of your business from applicable mobile devices – for seamless day-to-day management and control.


Ready to invest in an enterprise mobility solution for your business?

Learn more about Intact Access or visit the homepage to discover our range of future-aligned business solutions. For additional help and advice, contact our team today.


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