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Customer-Centric Product Development

Our agile development framework enables us to robustly develop & quickly deliver new features that provide the most value.

How we work

Incredible changes emerge from our development team every day – from bespoke customer development and product advancements to our innovation stream.

All are created with one goal in mind – to satisfy the unique requirements of over 2,500+ customers (21,000+ end users), our global channel partners and of course, future users.

Developments are made to our core products ensuring your system always has the most up-to-date functions, features, legal obligations and technology enhancements, designed for your industry.

Dedicated team of developers

Our team of developers are dedicated to the continuous improvement of Intact products for our customers and channel partners.

Every morning they assess, discuss and update their current work items using the scrum framework.  This enables us to shorten program change cycles, supports faster feedback and instils customer confidence.

The scrum framework also promotes continual improvement, rapid adaptation to change and helps us to enforce rigorous in-house testing so our products are always reliable & robust.

Our software development process

bespoke customer development

product development

innovation stream

product backlog




daily scrum meetings

burn down

sprint review meeting



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We invested in a technology we knew would still be growing and emerging in 5-10 years’ time.

Duncan Baker, Finance Director - Bakers & Larners Dept. Store

It almost became a one horse race for me. It was the only software package I had faith in that would get us where we needed to be.

Gavin Clements, Director - FS Cables

Intact iQ is an incredibly flexible platform that has future-proofed us as a business

Matthew Hall, National Sales Development Manager - East Coast Fittings

Enhance & Innovate

Our software is developed and supported locally, so you are only ever one step removed from our developers.  This means we can quickly spec and develop any program changes you may need to better serve your customers.

You can also join our ideation forum and help influence our product roadmap. Suggest changes or ideas and vote on others you like. Ideas with the most votes get prioritised. This ensures we focus on the innovations that make a real difference to your business.

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