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Xline vs Vline Features & pricing structure

Development for Vline will end over the next 12 months, so we’re encouraging existing customers to upgrade to its future-ready successor, Xline.


But what advanced features and functionality can you expect from the new software? And how is it priced? 

Xline represents the next generation in business management software for SMEs, combining familiar functionality with an array of powerful new features. It’s the perfect fit for organisations who continue to rely on the Vline platform – offering a future-ready solution that will drive business forward.

Find out more about how Xline and Vline compare in our need-to-know guide below.

Xline and Vline – How the features compare

Xline is a new future-ready platform designed to replicate the Vline platform you’re familiar with. All the functionality you enjoy is still here, with the addition of innovative new features that enhance your experience and improve your business operations.

See how the two platforms stack up in our features comparison guide.

comparison xline vline table

Xline sets out to solve problems

In developing Xline, we turned customer feedback into functional solutions, loading the software with a range of powerful new features and capabilities. The result is a platform that delivers for your changing business needs, with in-built functionality such as:
cloud capability roundel new

Cloud compatibility

Always-on remote access with full cloud connectivity available – a feature missing from the previous Vline platform.

Advanced integration

Integrate your business management software with the latest eCommerce and/or 3rd party applications with Xline’s advanced integration capabilities.

Advanced mobility

Keep pace with changing mobility requirements, with full multi-device support throughout your organisation.

Future-proof tech

Developed using future-proof technology, Xline will grow with your business – a perfect long-term solution.

Bespoke development

Enjoy advanced features and innovative upgrades from our development team, exclusively available to Xline customers.

Optional modules

As well as plentiful standard features, Xline comes with a variety of optional modules to enhance your experience.

How much does Xline cost?

We understand that price is an important driver in your business software decision-making. That’s why we want to be as transparent as possible about how the cost of Xline compares to your existing Vline platform.

Pricing is changing

How you pay for Xline is different to Vline. We’re moving to a flexible monthly subscription model, which includes full support, regular product updates and access for the number of users you choose.

Your Xline subscription includes regular product updates, so you can enjoy innovative new features and enhanced functionality with the added support of our online learning portal Xline Hub which is launching late Summer 2021.  

With a subscription pricing model, you can also scale up or down your user count at will ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Flexible subscription, no CAPEX costs​

Thanks to our new subscription model, switching to Xline means no large up-front CAPEX cost. So, if you want to move to our full ERP system, Intact iQ, in the future, you won’t have invested large sums in outright license fees.

pricing is changing

For an accurate breakdown of Xline pricing, get in touch today.

Familiar feel, powerful performance

In developing Xline, we didn’t set out to transform the software beyond recognition. Instead, it’s a continuation of a familiar platform – an evolved version using the same function keys and menus. Right out of the box, you’ll feel comfortable using Xline. New training isn’t necessary, but if you do need any extra help and support, the Online Xline Resource Hub is there to help.

Not convinced? Take a look at Xline in action below to see how similar it is to your existing platform.

Familiar yet better, Xline is the future-ready solution your business needs. Ready to make the switch? Get in touch for a quote today.