Intact Xline

After 20+ years, support for Intact Vline is ending in late 2022.

But what does that mean for your business management software, and what can you expect over the coming months? Find out in our expert guide, below.

Vline has served businesses well for 23 years. But as customer requirements change and technology advances, keeping the software up to date is no longer sustainable.

That’s why we’re encouraging all Vline customers to transition to Intact Xline, the platform’s future-fit successor. Offering powerful new features and enhanced functionality, it’s the obvious next step for your business management needs.

Here, you’ll find our estimated timeline for the retirement of Vline, so you know what’s changing and when.

Retiring Vline: What's changing?

Over the next 18 months or so, we’re retiring the Vline platform. The system no longer offers the performance and functionality our customers deserve, so major change is needed.

Don’t worry – Vline isn’t disappearing right away. But over the coming months, several phased measures(noted below) will be put in place that could affect how you use and benefit from the system, including:

Make the switch to Xline today

Support for Vline may be ending, but we remain committed to bringing you the very best future-fit business management solutions. Xline is that solution – a new platform ready to take your business forward with efficiency-boosting features and enhanced functionality.

Making the switch to Xline couldn’t be simpler. Our experts take care of the technical side of things, for a hassle-free upgrade and minimal disruption to your operation.

7. Migration Process