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Training & courses

We want you to harness the full power of Xline, taking advantage of its wide-ranging features and customisable functionality. That’s why we offer a selection of training and courses, helping you and your team master your new business management platform.

Invest in Xline as a replacement for your existing Vline platform, and you’ll benefit from access to the Xline Hub; our online learning portal.  Learn how to make better use of existing functionalities and discover new ones, while giving your team the skills they need to take control of all day-to-day operations.

As well as access to the Xline Hub, all new Xline users will partake in a systems introduction session, carried out by the expert Xline professsional services team. Designed to introduce the features and functions of Xline, it’s perfect for getting acquainted with your new system while receiving help and guidance from our specialists.

Future-fit business software,
yours to master

Xline is that step above Vline in its capabilities and functionality, but only if you know how to use it.

We recognise that many Vline users grew accustomed to certain ways of doing things but may not have taken advantage of all the features the software had to offer.

This doesn’t have to be the case with Xline. Between our onboarding process and the online learning access, you can uncover the ins and outs of your business management platform.

The first step in helping you acclimatise to the Xline system is your onboarding during and before system Go Live. Carried out at the same time as migration, this process is designed to introduce the new features of the software, highlighting any differences between this and your outgoing system.

From there, our support team will be on hand whenever you need assistance And with full access to the online learning portal; Xline Hub, you and your team can build core skills and knowledge at a time that suits you.

Get to grips with your new business software

Our Xline training courses have been designed to enable your team to maximise their use of the system. Building on the skills you acquired as part of the initial onboarding, now it’s time to look at how the new software can be fully utilised to meet the changing needs of your business.

We offer a variety of courses on the Xline Hub learning portal. This includes full access to all training manuals, learning videos, quarterly update release notes and more to give you and your team a thorough understanding of your new software.

Help and support when you need it

As an Xline user, you’ll never be in the dark. Our local team provides local telephone support whatever your issue or query, meaning minimal disruption to your operations.

Between expert support initial training and full online learning access, you’ll quickly find your feet with the new Xline platform. And when you want to learn something new or are in the process of onboarding new team members, we’ll be on hand with the support, services and training you need to succeed.

The future of business management software for SMEs

Powerful features, modular customisation, and expert training – switching to Xline offers much more than just a new business management platform. Embrace a new way to manage your business today and get set for software that elevates every area of your operation.

Ready to switch to Xline?

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