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We understand that there are lots of terms relating to your Xline business management platform you may not be familiar with. To get you up to speed, our glossary is your one-stop guide.

Vline, Xline, Cliqx, Xmanager – the tools and applications used as part of your day-to-day operations come under all sorts of names, but all you care about is that they work for your business.

As part of our Vline to Xline information guide, we’ve created a glossary of all the terms and phrases that relate to your new system. It’s our hope that by understanding the terminology, you can better appreciate the value of the Xline solution.


Intact Product Names

Discover our solutions, old and new, and what they can bring to your business.

The successor to your existing Vline platform; Xline is a new business software solution for SMEs developed on a future-proofed platform. Carefully designed to replicate the best of Vline, it also offers new features as standard, cloud connectivity, a vibrant product roadmap and native integrations with ecommerce and mobile solutions. Discover what Xline can do for your business.

Our outgoing business management platform, Vline has reached the end of its serviceable life, and will be reaching its Sunset towards the end of 2022. Learn more about what’s happening to Vline.

Access is our enterprise mobility platform, a range of role-driven mobile apps that lets you access and update key elements of your Xline system anytime, anywhere on your mobile. Learn more about Access.

The Cliqx e-commerce solution is designed to make selling online simple. Available to add to your Xline system, Cliqx supports online sales to B2B and B2C e-commerce sites and online account management portals. Find out more.

iQ is our leading ERP system designed for medium to large enterprises. It contains everything you need to control and enhance your business now and in the future. If you’re interested in stepping from Vline to iQ, talk to our specialists today.

Xline Standard Features

Get to know the in-built features of your new Xline system.

Advanced Trade Counter facilitates enhanced order processing and point of sale management, integrating seamlessly with the Xline back-office function to provide an efficient trade counter experience.

Features designed to help you analyse data and assets, while ensuring simplified and automated reporting.

Xline’s Credit Control Manager feature is there to streamline cash collection and financial control, with a variety of features and capabilities.

An in-built feature for ensuring cross-departmental compliance with GDPR and WEEE regulations.

The Management Accounts & Financial Ledgers tool provides enhanced financial management, so you can maintain profitability.

Fully compatible with recent legislative changes to submit your Vat returns online.

A system that makes it easy to manage your inventory and processes across multiple sites, branches, and locations.

This tool simplifies order processing and fulfilment, providing ready access to essential customer data and insights.

The Security & Privacy Controls function ensures tight control of your assets, offering features such as password change alerts, user blocking, and purchase order limits.

An in-built system that simplifies multi-currency transactions.

Smart Stock Control is the primary interface for inventory management within the Xline system. Monitor batch tracking updates, analyse slow-moving stock reports, and enhance efficiency, all in one place.

A project and workflow management tool that allows you to make productivity-boosting changes across your business.

A tool that supports managerial decision-making, providing real-time dashboards, automated reporting, and data analysis.

Xline Optional Modules

There are a wide range of optional modules you can add to your Xline platform. Get to grips with what they offer below.

An application for managing materials and inventory items, which integrates with the Smart Stock Control system.

An application designed for delivery drivers and logistics personnel, offering tools such as delivery tracking and returns consolidation.

A tool that simplifies e-commerce and POS transactions for credit card users*.

*Elavon only

A customer relationship manager that provides helpful features such as customer discovery and data management.

An application for removing surplus data from your systems, helping to maintain compliance.

That’s right – Document Scanning allows you to scan documents with ease to enable you to make and receive faster electronic transactions.

A highly useful application for connecting Xline to Excel, for optimised database management.

A helpful tool for handling day-to-day expenses.

A tool designed to simplify the job costing process, including tools for calculating parts, materials, and labour costs.

Facilitates full integration with Luckins & Luckins Live.

An optional application for managing equipment servicing and maintenance schedules.

The Mobile Warehouse tool simplifies inventory management tasks across multiple locations, enhancing mobility and the efficiency of multi-site operations.

An application for supporting inventory management, with batch and serial tracking functions for timely and efficient stock flows.

A helpful tool for delivery and logistics personnel, allowing for in-field signature capture.

Allows you to view and manage product ranges according to your preferences e.g., by size and colour.

The Telesales module supports sales teams in a real-time, in-call setting.

An integration facility that lets you connect Xline to compatible third-party applications.

A must for tile merchants and distributors, this function allows you to organise products by different criteria and manage batch-tracking, shade control and cartons.

A tool that allows you to track timber sales and costs in real time.

The Time Recording tool helps when identifying efficiencies and bottlenecks, allowing you to record time to completion and identify improvements.

An application for streamlining assembly and production workflows.

Need help or advice?

Have a question about your Vline system? Perhaps you’d like to learn more about Xline’s features? Our FAQs page has lots of information, so be sure to check to see if we have answered your query.

We understand that choosing the right management platform for your business can be confusing, and that you’re probably used to working within the parameters of the Vline system. If you need help and advice in switching to Xline, our team are here to support you.