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Xline Future Roadmap

Xline Development Team

Switching to Xline means investing in the future. With a roadmap of new features, developments, and upgrades, you get the assurance of a business management solution that grows and evolves with your business.

The Xline platform is supported by a team of specialist developers who will constantly add to and enhance your product. This includes a roadmap of upcoming features and updates, with modular and add-on integrations to help extend the functionality of your software.

Learn more about the Xline development roadmap below.

An ever-evolving solution

Xline is a living platform that never stands still. This year alone, we’ve implemented several major enhancements to the software, expanding its reach and helping our customers get more from their platform. Recently added functions and modular add-ons to the Xline system include:

Mobile Warehouse Module Enhancements
Mobile Warehouse (MWH) has been upgraded in Xline to be touch friendly for Android devices. This means larger buttons, larger text and cheaper handhelds. In addition to this, new features have been added such as simultaneous partial stock taking, selling price updating as well as improved SO and PO workflows.
Courier Integration Modules
Manage a multi-channel delivery and returns cycle in one place with a range of courier integration modules. We’ve recently added functionality for DPD, Royal Mail and Tuffnells, with more to come in the future.
Luckins Integration Module
Working closely with Trimble, we’ve developed a Luckins module that utilises both the data feeds and capabilities of LUCKINSLive – ideal for electrical wholesale businesses reliant on up-to-date product data.
ToolBank Integration Module
Enjoy ready access to the ToolBank catalogue from within Xline, with auto-syncing to your Cliqx e-commerce site. Stock holding quantities shown are configured to show customer and ToolBank stock levels, for total transparency and control.
Remove the chance of error with the addition of the NMBS EDI module. With safe and efficient EDI, the module saves time, reduces input errors, and improves accuracy across all invoicing activity.
Cliqx E-commerce Enhancement
Favourite product detail within Xline can now be auto-synced to your Cliqx e-commerce site at customer level.
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Feature-rich, always moving

Our experts will continue to invest time and resources into ensuring that Xline represents a future-fit solution for your business. As development for the old Vline platform slows, we plan to ramp up work on its successor, with a view to implement the following Xline enhancements over the next 12 months:

Super Search
Easy access to find system data and controls in one click.
Email Auto Complete
In the same way as MS Outlook, Xline will auto complete an email address that you have used before. It will remember emails per user and has an interface to review and delete if required.
Access Mobile App Enhancements
• Offline stocktaking • Quotations
Form Designer Functionality Enhancements
A new and improved interface for designing forms.
Pay by Link Functionality
Ability to provide pay by link (via Opayo) details on order forms for added security.
Price Update Enhancements
Improved automation related to managing price updates.
Special Offer Enhancements
Streamline and extend special offer functionality in POS and field Validation Rules. Xline allows you to create rules based on User Access Levels (UAL) on almost any form. In practice, this allows you to force some users to put a value in certain field while others do not. For example some users could enter a credit limit up to 2k while other could be 10k.
Product Catalogue Enhancements
Create specials direct from the product catalogue file.
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Ready to embrace the future?

Xline is here and ready to take your business forward, with powerful as-standard features and a range of innovative optional modules to extend the functionality of your software. So, if you’re looking for a business management solution that’s aligned with the future, Xline is capable of maximising productivity and efficiency across your organisation.

Keen to learn more about Xline, its features and the future of the software? Get in touch with our team today. We’ll discuss your requirements, advise on the best solution, and provide a free demo to better introduce the features and functionality of the platform.