Xline Case Study: Vanitorials Ltd | Intact

Xline’s powerful integrations and user-friendly design empowered Vanitorials to get more from its business management system – and all without a steep learning curve.

In developing Xline, we wanted to bring you exciting new features and functions on a familiar and intuitive platform. Our goal was to enhance, not disrupt, your day-to-day operations, so you can enjoy the features and controls you’re used to, all while benefiting from enhanced functionality and improved integrations.


This familiarity and simplicity were important to Dave Clark, Managing Director at Vanitorials. Here, Dave shares his experience of migrating to and using Xline, touching on the software’s ease of integration and hassle-free onboarding process.

Simple integrations, maximum flexibility

Not only does Xline offer a wealth of standard features and optional modules, it can also integrate seamlessly with third-party applications – helping you control different facets of your operation from one place.

On this, Dave enthused: “The driving force behind our move to Xline was the integration capabilities available within the software and the potential it offered in helping us to become a paperless office. Integrating with key suppliers and other third-party platforms is essential for the smooth running of our business and Xline provides this and more.

“The integration capabilities of Intact Xline will enable us to work seamlessly with third-party suppliers and platforms, helping drive our business forward and grow.”

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Seamless transition, minimal disruption

Switching to Xline isn’t a disruptive process. We’ve made things as fast and straightforward as possible, so you can start benefiting from your new software sooner. Plus, with its intuitive and familiar design, moving from Vline to Xline isn’t a huge departure from what your business is used to.

Dave agrees, adding: “Thanks to the Xline professional services and technical support team, our transition was smooth and a real success. Our migration from Vline to Xline was carried out ahead of target deadlines and over a weekend. We finished on a Friday and started trading on Xline on the Monday.

“It was important for us that the look and feel of the software was very modern and didn’t involve a huge learning curve. The way Xline has been built allows us to use the same function keys and process we’re used to through ribbons rather than drop-down menus. This enabled us to trade immediately and continue as expected.

“As a business, we didn’t lose anything from our move to Xline, only increasing what we had. We’re looking forward to getting the best out of the new software in 2021 and beyond.”

Take the next step with Xline

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As Vline enters its retirement phase, now is the perfect time to invest in its future-aligned successor, Xline. With all the functions you’re used to and a whole lot besides, our new business management platform is ready and waiting to take your business forward.

For more information about Xline and Vline, be sure to read our comprehensive help and support guide. If you’d like to learn more about Xline or arrange a free demo, talk to the Xline team today.