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Xline is live and already helping many of our customers optimise their day-to-day operations. Read on to find out from our customers how our new system is supporting businesses like yours to excel.

Throughout our Vline to Xline support pages, we’ve set out the benefits and plus points of our new software, as well as why we’re retiring the Vline system. But if you’re in need of extra reassurance and insights into why Xline is worth the switch, the following customer success stories will hopefully inspire confidence in your decision.

Having previously relied on the Vline system, janitorial supply firm Vanitorials was drawn to switch to Xline thanks to the software’s flexible integration options. This, coupled with the smooth Xline migration process, enabled the business to elevate its offering while ensuring minimal operational disruption.

On this, Dave Clark, Managing Director at Vanitorials, said:

“The driving force behind our move to Xline was the integration capabilities available within the software and the potential it offered in helping us to become a paperless office.  Integrating with key suppliers and other 3rd party platforms is essential for the smooth running of our business and Xline provides this and more”. 

“Thanks to Jonathan and his team, our transition to Intact Xline was smooth and a real success, considering the size of the upgrade.  We’re looking forward to getting the best out of the new software in 2021 and beyond”

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Murdock Builders Merchants

For firms like Murdock Builders Merchants, Vline offered a robust and dependable solution, so moving to a new platform was always going to be a big step. But as industry demands changed, the business recognised the merit of upgrading to a business management solution like Xline – and discovered a whole range of unforeseen benefits as a result.

Commenting, Michael Rooney of Murdock Builders Merchants said: “There are so many little golden nuggets that we are discovering since implementing Xline. It’s all these little features that were not available in Vline that are actually making the team here more productive and efficient.”

South Down Feeds

For over a decade, South Down Feeds used Vline as part of its day-to-day operations. But the impact of digital transformation coupled with changing consumer trends meant a new solution was needed to ensure long-term continuity. That solution was Xline, whose flexible applications and advanced integration capabilities made it a worthy successor to the firm’s existing system.

Speaking on the business’ move to Xline, David McDowell of South Down Feeds said: “We did look at a number of alternatives to Xline at the time, but it was the familiarities of the Vline solution that had been specifically developed into Xline that sold it for us. With a move to Xline, we could futureproof our business, make process improvements but in a minimally disruptive manner.”

South Down Feeds

DIY retailer, Topline Murtaghs, moved from Vline to Xline as a means of future-proofing its operations. Embracing the software’s new modules and integrations, the brand saw immediate value in the optional Cliqx platform – an e-commerce tool that has enabled it to reach more customers and drive more sales.

Commenting on the success of Xline, Colin Murtagh, owner of Topline Murtaghs, said:

“We made the switch to Intact Xline to future-proof our business. We wanted to expand our online business, implement credit card integration etc. and  Intact Vline couldn’t accommodate these requirements. We knew Intact Xline could and would be supported with an innovative product roadmap developed on a future-ready tech stack. This prompted our business to make the switch to Intact Xline”

For Kilkenny Welding Supplies, Xline represented the ideal tool to take their business forward. Frustrated by the limited functionality of its existing system, Xline was a major breakthrough for the business – supporting all its day-to-day operations and functions with a host of new features, capabilities and benefits.

Summarising the benefits Xline has brought to the organisation, Claire Power of Kilkenny Welding Supplies said: “Before Xline, we were wasting so much time on admin and frustrating our customers at the same time. Xline is making our business so much more efficient in that regard. Everyone is now working with the same system with access to the same real-time information.”

Ready to achieve success?

Whatever your business aspirations, Xline is the future-fit solution for a wide range of applications and functions. If you’re ready to step from Vline to Xline and experience the next generation of business management software, our Xline team are here to help.

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