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TN Robinson

Video case study: TN Robinson revolutionises business with Intact iQ

Wholesale & Distribution
Electrical Wholesale
Stockport, UK


T-N- Robinson logoTN Robinson, an electrical wholesaler and independent family-owned business has been a cornerstone of the community for over 100 years. With a turnover of approximately £17 million and 12 branches spread across the North West and North Wales, the company has established a robust presence in the market. However, their long-standing system, which had been in place for around 25 years, became outdated and cumbersome, necessitating a change to stay competitive and efficient.

Before using Intact

TN Robinson faced significant challenges with their old system. It had become clunky and was burdened with numerous bespoke software additions. The hardware, an I Series, required replacement every five years at a considerable cost of around £100,000. The system's instability, especially at critical times such as Monday mornings, caused operational disruptions. Furthermore, managing non-database products, known as "specials," was laborious, resulting in lost product history and inefficiencies in stock management.

"When we sat down with Intact, the objective was to try and get Intact to say, sorry, no, we can't. - And I never got that. That never happened."

The decision to implement Intact iQ marked a turning point for TN Robinson. Initially approached with scepticism, the company was pleasantly surprised by Intact iQ's flexibility and configurability. The objective was to challenge Intact iQ to meet their bespoke needs, and to their amazement, Intact consistently met every requirement. The ability to configure the product without resorting to costly bespoke solutions was a game-changer.

Key benefits

The transition to Intact iQ brought about several transformative changes:

  1. Cloud Integration: One of the primary goals was to move away from on-premise hardware to a cloud-based solution. This shift eliminated the need for frequent and costly hardware replacements and reduced the risk of system failures.
  2. Efficiency and Simplicity: Intact iQ's user-friendly interface and straightforward features allowed TN Robinson to streamline their operations. Staff quickly adapted to the new system, significantly reducing the time spent on daily tasks.
  3. Product Management: The cumbersome process of managing "specials" was replaced with a seamless system. Intact iQ enabled quick data uploads from Luckins, including images, directly into the system, preserving product history and improving stock management.
  4. Pricing Integration: Managing pricing across all branches became centralised and efficient, handled by a single individual with the support of Intact iQ's integrated features.
  5. Future Growth: The move to a new web-based B2B and B2C customer platform integrated with Intact iQ opens new avenues for business growth. This integration was previously unattainable and now presents an exciting opportunity for TN Robinson to expand their online presence.


"iQ allows us to pull products from Luckins straight through to the system. It uploads all the data, including images if we want them. And it's a very quick process. It takes a lot of time out of what the staff are doing on a day-to-day basis."


After implementing Intact iQ

Eighteen months into the implementation, TN Robinson has experienced a significant positive impact on their business operations. The flexibility and configurability of Intact iQ have empowered the company to meet their unique needs without incurring excessive costs. The shift to a cloud-based solution has reduced hardware dependency and improved system reliability. Intact iQ has been a pivotal factor in modernising TN Robinson, positioning them for future growth and success.