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Boosting Efficiency and Control: STS Journey with Intact iQ

Tiling Supplies
Leeds, UK

Specialist Tiling Supplies (STS)

STS Tilling SuppliersWe recently had the opportunity to speak with Sam Herd, the IT Manager at Specialist Tiling Supplies (STS), to talk about their experience with Intact iQ and its impact on their business operations. STS is a prominent supplier of fibre cement board primarily to the tiling industry. They also serve merchants and retail shops while catering to a wide range of customers in the building industry.

Before Using Intact

Prior to implementing Intact iQ, STS was managing three separate software systems. The integration and management of these disparate systems led to various challenges, including difficulties in connecting data and relying on different support channels. Recognising the potential benefits of consolidating their existing systems, STS decided to explore new software options.  

The decision to go with Intact iQ was influenced by its functionality and prevalence within their industry and target markets. This instilled confidence within the STS team regarding its suitability. They also visited other businesses using Intact iQ, gaining insight into its effectiveness.  

“The scalability of Intact iQ stood out the most for us. Having the ability to add different modules, customise them to our needs, and even build out the system further with advanced features were significant selling points for us. It’s also comforting to be able to cover the whole business with one product and scale up as our business grows. Our next project is to implement barcoding for the warehouse. The ease with which Intact iQ can facilitate this is great’. 

Pain points

  • Lack of vital insights due to managing three separate systems and dealing with multiple service providers. 
  • Inefficient stock and production line management leading to challenges. 
  • Disconnected systems and processes hindering efficient workflows.

After Intact iQ

Prior to using Intact iQ, STS relied on Excel spreadsheets and pieces of paper to run targets and objectives. With Intact iQ they have a better understanding of their KPIs and metrics, presenting them in a more visually engaging way. They can promptly address tasks flagged in red and acknowledge great days when everything is in green. 

“Implementing Intact iQ has resulted in a significant improvement in our stock management practices. We’ve gone from conducting 2 stock counts annually, to performing 10 SKU stock counts daily.  This has led to enhanced stock accuracy and more streamlined recording processes for our staff. Intact iQ’s assembly builds and related modules have also greatly improved our stock control and production line management, facilitating seamless tracking from initiation to the final product stage. With better control over our inventory, we’ve reduced our stock of non-selling products that were taking up space and depreciating over time.”  

Referring to other areas of the business Sam adds, “Intact iQ has also streamlined our finance operations, consolidating orders, invoices, and credits in one accessible platform. This integration has enhanced our ability to manage statements, invoices, and overdue letters, empowering us to be more proactive in managing our finances and overall business operations.” 

Sam loves how Intact iQ’s multi-edit feature quickly fixes small errors such as mistakes on sales orders, saving them a minimum of 2 hours a week. He also enjoys experimenting with the system without affecting their live date. “Having the ability to change how people view lists and dashboards with different information is fantastic. This is a really important feature for us.”


Speaking on their implementation of Intact iQ, Sam says, “Our initial, close work with our Intact consultant really helped us to understand our business needs better. With them on-site, we could give feedback as they built the system, making it more suited to our requirements. We also involved all our staff in testing which meant a smooth transition and led to minimal changes afterwards. Overall, it was a great experience from start to finish.” 

Sam also praised the helpful and responsive Intact support team, noting their consistent ability to resolve issues promptly and keep him informed through the support portal. He values their proactive approach which fosters constructive discussions for effective problem-solving, even for matters beyond their regular responsibilities.  

Key benefits

  • Adaptable and scalable system for business growth, offering customisable modules and personalised user interfaces. 
  • Enhanced stock management resulting in improved accuracy, time savings, and reduced discrepancies. 
  • Clear visualisation of key performance indicators facilitating efficient metric tracking, identification of improvement areas, and streamlined financial management.
"The scalability of Intact iQ stood out the most for us. Having the ability to add different modules, customise them to our needs, and even build out the system further with advanced features were significant selling points for us.”
STS Tilling Suppliers
Sam Herd, IT ManagerSTS Tilling Suppliers