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E-Commerce Solution

The smart way to
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Streamline your operations, boost sales, and improve customer experience with Intact Cliqx’s powerful online solutions.

e-commerce integration

Intact iQ Cliqx is a suite of solutions that integrate between your ecommerce sites and your Intact iQ system.  Enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Decreased human error
  • Real-time data synchronization with Intact iQ
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
Cliqx eCommerce Platform

Simplify your online business with Cliqx e-commerce


Save Time and Money

Integrate your web stores with your back-office ERP system without the need to manage third-party suppliers. Simply select a web store template and customize it with your company branding,

Effortless Online Store Management

A simple and user-friendly content management system that puts you in control of your websites with optimiszed templates to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Real-Time Integration

The integration between your Intact iQ system and your web store allows online orders to flow seamlessly and in real-time and syncs key data such as stock levels, customer account details, pricing and product details. 

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Cliqx Solutions

We’ve partnered with nopCommerce to provide you with solutions that work on three levels – eAccount, eTrade and eCommerce. Each solution builds on the previous one and provides additional features to help you manage your business more efficiently.

The benefits of an integrated and automated system:

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Manage your online stores from a single platform
  • Ensure your data is always up-to-date and accurate
  • Achieve real-time synchronization between your websites and your Intact iQ system
Intact Cliqx Solutions

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The Cliqx eAccount portal is a secure and reliable online platform that empowers your customers to manage their account 24/7.

With eAccount your customers and staff can:

  • Access information on account, order, quotation, and delivery history
  • Access statements, reports, and payment options
  • View dashboards with account balances, aged balances, recent orders, and quotations
  • Search history by product, order reference, or value
Cliqx eAccount


Building on the features of eAccount, eTrade allows your trade customers to place orders or quotations directly into your Intact iQ system, freeing your staff from manual entry and reducing the risk of errors.

With eTrade you can:

  • Control which products are available to streamline the ordering process for your trade customers.
  • Offer real-time, customer-specific pricing.
  • Build a customer promotion product list that can be time-controlled.
  • Achieve enhanced efficiency, increased accuracy, and improved customer satisfaction.
Cliqx eTrade


Cliqx eCommerce provides a full website experience with complete control over which products are available from your Intact iQ system for trading on your website.

Ensure a consistent online shopping experience for your customers:

  • Transfer specific information from your Intact iQ system, such as product code, description, category, retail prices, and customer-specific pricing,
  • And allow for B2C ordering with promotions and special offers.
Cliqx Store Mangement

Explore features in more detail:

Responsive Design

Cliqx eCommerce’s responsive design ensures your e-commerce website will be optimized for different devices and screen sizes, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience for customers on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Professional, Reliable Templates Utilizing a range of pre-designed templates, you can easily customize your Cliqx eCommere website to align with your branding, ensuring a professional look and feel.
One Platform, Multiple Stores With Cliqx eCommerce, you can manage multiple online stores from one Intact iQ system. Cliqx eCommerce facilitates the use of different website domains, with all sites managed from within your ERP system.
Product Management

You have complete control over which products are offered for sale on your e-commerce website. For your chosen products, specific product details stored in your Intact iQ system will be automatically populated in your Cliqx eCommerce store, utilizing product attributes such as:

 → Product Name
 → Pricing (list or specific including quantity break pricing)
 → SKU/Product Code
 → Stock Levels
 → Size/Colour
 → Related Products
 → Images
 → Category

Once you have successfully uploaded a product, your Intact iQ system automatically and continuously synchronizes the stock levels and prices to your website, eliminating the arduous task of managing two separate databases.

Order Management

Cliqx eCommerce streamlines all aspects of your e-commerce operations by automatically populating operational data, such as orders, payments, shipments, and inventory updates, directly to your Intact iQ system when the order is placed.

A consistent order entry process is crucial for maximizing your cart conversion rate and ensuring customer loyalty and Cliqx eCommerce offers an intuitive solution.

Rapid Order Entry Cliqx eCommerce features a rapid order entry facility that enables customers to reorder items directly from their order history, simplifying the ordering process. Additionally, customers can quickly and easily copy and paste multiple product codes into your Cliqx eCommerce site for swift bulk ordering.
Multiple Payment Options Cliqx eCommerce offers multiple payment options. You can provide purchase orders on credit accounts, credit or debit card payment options, PayPal, Stripe, Sagepay, or a combination thereof.
Shipping Features

Cliqx eCommerce offers comprehensive shipping support with various customizable settings to cater to your business needs. You can set up your store for free shipping over a certain amount or base shipping rates on order weight or total. You can even specify additional shipping charges per product. Shipping estimates are also available, and certain customer groups can be designated for free shipping.

With Cliqx eCommerce, delivery locations are easily managed. The software also accommodates in-store pickups. Multi-cart options allow customers to split their order between delivery and collection by item.