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Exceed customer

Shorten sales cycles, improve customer experience, and gain quality data.

Your complete CRM and marketing tool

The Intact iQ CRM tool allows you and your team to record and track all correspondence with your current or prospective customers, whether that be via email, telephone, SMS or face-to-face meetings.

  • Record interactions with customers and suppliers
  • Manage leads, prospects, customers and suppliers
  • Share client-specific knowledge across your organization
  • Support marketing campaigns
  • Sync with Outlook and third-party providers
Sales Office

Effective customer engagement and marketing campaigns

One source of truth: Complete visibility of customer/lead/prospect interaction, transaction history and contact details.

Outlook Integration

Auto-sync outbound and inbound Outlook interactions within your Intact CRM.


Set up alerts to trigger follow-up appointments, call-backs and daily tasks.

Targeted Marketing

Manage static or dynamic lists and sync with third-party providers like MailChimp.

Sales Management
Analyze sales interactions to compare periods, orders, activity types and frequency.
Sales Pipeline

Convert leads to prospects, assign ranking status and issue quotes.

Lead Nurturing

Track leads from first contact to sale and initiate marketing campaigns based on lead stages.


Forecast future trends and opportunities to plan and monitor marketing campaigns.

Centralized Interactions

Track interactions with customers, leads, prospects, and suppliers across all touchpoints and channels.

Marketing campaign management

Track, manage, and monitor all marketing efforts for direct mail, telemarketing, print publications, customer service, point of sale, email, and the Web.

  • Campaign management
    Set up and manage multichannel campaigns for leads, prospects and customers.
  • Reporting
    Measure performance to spot new opportunities or areas for improvement.

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Sales pipeline management

  • Manage existing business and leads
    An unqualified contact or company that may be a prospect for your products or services.
  • Manage prospects
    A qualified lead who is a potential customer and meets your specified criteria.
  • Sales enablement
    Get a comprehensive view of your current pipeline, orders, potential revenue and KPIs.

Timely communication

Ensure valuable sales leads are always followed up.

  • Set up customized workflows to ensure leads are nurtured according to the criteria set by you.
  • Automatically notify sales reps or management with key details when they need them.

Research and analysis

Exceed customer expectations with a true insight into what really matters to them.

  • Maximize all opportunities to up-sell and crosssell. 
  • Access historical transactions, identify needs and recommend additional products or services to match their profile.
  • Build effective marketing communications specifically aimed at customers’ needs.
  • Get insights to adapt your products/services to drive increased customer satisfaction.
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