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Customer Support

Our local, dedicated technical support specialists are on hand
to ensure your system is always operating at its best.

Access to technical support

Get answers to your questions through your Intact iQ support portal or log your query via our helpdesk platform.

Intact iQ Hub
Explore the Intact Xline hub for quick answers to your queries.
Get Technical Support
 Log your query via our dedicated helpdesk platform.
Direct Contact
Call our support team if your query is urgent.

Currently on a support call?

While on a call, your support technician may ask you to share your screen or assist in a secure data transfer.
For quick access during your call please see the links below.

Your support technician will guide you through this process when it is time to use these links.

Secure Data Transfer

Download Installer →

Level up your expertise.

Your Intact iQ learning portal is your central location for all your software related information. From its vast knowledge base to training videos, documentation, manuals, release notes, and more, it’s all there in your Hub. In one place. And at your fingertips.

Updated constantly your solution hub provides you with the learning resources to extract more value from your Intact solution. It’s also a great resource to onboard new staff with ready access to all of our training manuals and the e-learning academy video courses.

Click below if not already registered:

Laptop image iQ Hub

Contact support directly

Immediate telephone support is available for urgent queries. 

United States

+1 860 264-4111

Committed to your long-term success.

Our dedicated Customer Success Team are on hand to ensure your system is consistently delivering superior results.

From account management to online resources, remote diagnostics and software updates, our aim is to enable the smooth operation of your business, minimise down time and maximise productivity.

For valuable tips, troubleshooting guides, access to our training academy, and more, dive into your dedicated online learning portal. 

If you can’t find the answer to a question, simply log a ticket to our helpdesk platform. For urgent enquires, get in touch. A helpdesk ticket number will expedite your response time.
Intact Customer Support