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Stock and Warehouse Management

The move to
smarter warehousing

Improve your productivity, resource utilization, and inventory management.

Speed up your operations with Intact iQ Mobile Warehouse Solution (MWS)

Manage your warehouse in real-time to improve productivity, resource utilization and inventory management.

  • ‘Anywhere, anytime’ flexibility
  • Automate and simplify labour-intensive warehouse tasks
  • Save time and money
  • Improve stock accuracy
  • Reduce overstocking and shrinkage
Barcode Scanner MWS Stock

Accuracy, timeliness and zero damage for every order

Fully integrated, handheld mobile technology that provides secure, real-time stock information for your warehouse team.

Real-Time Data
Access to real-time order status information.
Increase Productivity
Move from one order to the next without additional data entry.
Rolling Stock Takes

Quickly record stock levels, using handheld devices.

Easy to Use Interface
The ‘Point and Scan’ nature of handheld scanners is easy to use with little training required.
Reduce Human Error
Your warehouse team can pick, pack and ship goods without paperwork or data entry.
Faster Booking in Process
Book in stock from anywhere on your site, quickly recording stock, pallets, and batches.
Speed up Stocktaking
Stock adjustments can be entered at the bin location using handheld devices.
Remote Site Access
Control the movement of stock between remote sites and your main site, while keeping informed on stock availability.

Multiple devices
configured in one place

The Intact iQ Mobile Warehouse Solution acts as an extension of your Intact iQ system, operating on handheld devices.

  • Configurable
    These devices appear to your system like a wireless keyboard, display or scanner and are configurable to expand upon many of the features in your Intact iQ system.
  • Sitewide communication in real-time
    Add multiple devices to your system without the need to program individual handsets. 
Barcode Scanner MWS Goods In

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Optimized stock management

  • Stock Enquiry
    Scan the barcode to display price, stock quantity, cost and supplier.
  • Stock Bin Assignment
    Assign products to specific stock bin locations. When products enter the warehouse the assigned stock location is displayed on the handheld when scanned on goods-in.
  • Barcode Assignment
    Assign inner and outer barcodes to stock as it enters your warehouse.
  • Stock Transfers
    Facilitate quick movement of stock from one bin location to another.
  • Product Label Requisition
    The warehouse team can print labels via a remote printer or queue for your label printer.
  • Stock Take
    Access stock quantity data from the system and record actual stock levels using your handheld devices. Carry out rolling stock takes with the partial stock take feature.
  • Stock Adjustment
    Adjust stock levels on the warehouse floor and sync back to your Intact iQ system.
  • Put Away Functions
    Goods can be entered into a goods-in holding location on delivery.
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Efficient sales packing & delivery

  • Sales Packing
    Either as part of picking or as a separate process, picked goods can be packaged and labelled, with the operator detailing which package types are used and what is in each.
  • Sales Delivery Note Generation
    Although the order-picking process can be configured to automatically generate sales delivery notes on completion, delivery notes can also be created directly on the handheld device.
  • Order Picking
    Order-picking notes are pushed out to the warehouse team via handhelds.

Streamlined purchase operations

  • Purchase Returns Notes
    Purchase returns notes can be created directly on the handheld device when goods are required to be returned to suppliers.
  • Goods Received
    Create a goods-in purchase delivery note at the point of entry.
  • Purchase Requisition
    Place purchase requisitions, while at the physical stock bin. Purchasing can then bundle these requisitions together based on the supplier.