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Fiona McGuinness08-Oct-2019 15:27:112 min read

Fountain Timber Products move forward with iQ

Intact are pleased to announce that Fountain Timber Products have placed their order for a 20-user, cloud-hosted iQ system.

Fountain Timber, located near Bristol airport, have a rich history dating back over 50 years. This timber merchant and sawmill business has enjoyed many decades of success supplying different industries ranging from mining to agriculture. Today they supply the fencing and construction markets, local trade and retail with quality timber products. 

In recent decades the business has moved into a more trade and retail focused model, but they have struggled by on an older software package (with limitations around infrastructure a particular issue). Recognising this was now holding them back they embarked upon a thorough review of the Merchant Software market reviewing all the major providers; finally selecting Intact with Intact iQ software for builders merchants over the rest. 

Intact iQ offers Fountain Timber the ability to better service their customers whilst vastly improving the information visible to the back-office staff. Currently running many manual processes to ensure smooth running of their business, Fountain Timber are looking forward to streamlining these processes electronically and giving everyone more time to spend on profitable activities. 

Further enhancements for Fountain Timber will come from moving into Intact’s cloud hosting centre. This will take the pressure away from the old infrastructure, where previously investment had to be made continually. This was another key reason why Fountain Timber felt Intact were the best partner moving forward, as Intact offer both leading ERP software as well as their own hosting centre. 

Fountain Timber pride themselves on providing quality products and services, matching the ethos held at Intact. Commenting on placing the order, Steven Sutton, Managing Director said: “This is something we need to do to ensure the long-term success of the business. We are all looking forward to the getting the iQ system in. It really impressed us during the presentations, and we could see that this was the best choice for us.” 

Steven added “We are also pleased that our internet connection has finally been upgraded to fibre, meaning we can take advantage of the cloud-hosting services that Intact offer. We are under no illusions that it is a big undertaking moving systems, but I am confident that a hosted iQ system from Intact is the best solution for us and we look forward to working with the Intact team in the months and years ahead.” 


NOTE: Fountain Timber Products originally bought their Intact system from BlueRock Systems, which was acquired by Intact in 2022.



Fiona McGuinness

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