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Intact iQ
Intact iQ
Intact iQ is an enterprise-wide ERP platform covering purchasing, stock, sales, finance and marketing. With advanced agility, automation and BI.
Intact Xline

Intact Xline

Intact Xline is a low-cost, easy-to-use, Business Management Software solution covering purchasing, stock, sales, finance, marketing and more.

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Intact Blog

Our technology and industry experts keep you informed of the latest trends, expert advice and best practice applications impacting your business.
07-Feb-2023 09:27:279 min read

A Guide to Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

Gathering data is one thing, but transforming it into actionable insights that will bring ...
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11-Jan-2023 16:46:575 min read

How to Get the Most Out of ERP Training

You’ve set up your ERP software and now you’re ready to harness the power that Intact iQ ...
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03-Jan-2023 17:29:115 min read

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of ERP

The implementation of a new ERP system has several involved costs.
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02-Dec-2022 15:10:176 min read

How to Manage Changes in Your Business Processes

If your business is to stay ahead of the competition, then it needs to understand and ...
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30-Nov-2022 16:13:346 min read

How to Build the Right Team for Software Deployments

Software deployment, especially where ERP is concerned, is not a project you should take ...
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16-Nov-2022 17:15:486 min read

The Benefits of Digital Transformation for the Wholesale Sector

Digital transformation in the wholesale sector is growing every day. With the rise of the ...
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07-Nov-2022 09:00:136 min read

ERP Go-Live Costs to be Aware Of

If you’ve been thinking about implementing ERP lately, then you’ll know that it’s a hefty ...
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04-Nov-2022 09:27:025 min read

The Best Cities to be a Tradesperson – a UK Study

Across all sectors, the demand for competent tradespeople has seemingly never been ...
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03-Nov-2022 14:09:315 min read

How to Better Manage Import and Export Processes

From problematic supplier relationships and poor record-keeping to inadequate visibility ...
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