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Catherine Cane11-Mar-2024 17:13:00< 1 min read

Just a minute with Christina Marling

Just a minute with Christina Marling -1

Just a minute with... Christina Marling

Name: Christina Marling 


Job Title: Account Manager


What’s the first app you check in the morning? WhatsApp. Every day. 


What’s your favourite travel location? Florida...I’m a Disney girl all the way!  


Are you a coffee or tea person? A bit of both. I have one coffee in the morning and drink tea the rest of the day.  


What are the three items you would take to a deserted island? Toilet roll (you know why), a case of wine (everyone needs wine), boxset of books so I can relax in the sun!  


What’s on your bucket list? Tokyo Disneyland!


Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Autumn for the warm and cool nights. 


What’s your favourite thing about your job?  Visiting customers. I love meeting different people and learning about their situation and their life.


Catherine Cane

I joined Intact’s marketing team in October 2023. My academic journey began at the University of Liverpool, where I studied English language and literature. Feeling that one degree wasn’t enough, I stayed and earned a Master's degree in creative and critical writing. During my studies, I wrote for various platforms, including a student newspaper and a famous Liverpool attraction. I knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could write daily, leading me to explore the world of content marketing. At Intact, I compile and write content for our website, upsell campaigns, customer newsletter, and manage our social media channels. The best part of my job is the opportunity to interview colleagues, seeking their insights and knowledge for valuable content, and that each completed task is followed by ten uncompleted ones. Outside of work, I’ll be at the gym, out for a run (jog), or exploring markets in London with friends.