Standard Features


Discover the in-built features you can expect from Intact Xline, the powerful successor to our Intact Vline platform.


As we begin planning for the end of support for the ageing Vline platform, we’re encouraging users to make the switch to its future-fit successor, Xline. With a familiar feel and a range of new features, it’s a natural next step for businesses looking for modern, innovative business management software.

Right out of the box, Xline is loaded with clever features and functions aimed at streamlining day-to-day operations. Combined with an intuitive, modern design, it promises to maximise productivity across your organisation.

Discover the features that come as standard on the new Xline platform below.

Powerful features, familiar feel

Xline brings you a range of new features on a familiar platform with an improved user interface design. This means there’s a shallow learning curve for existing functionality and only extra training required for new features. Let’s take a closer look at the software’s impressive range of in-built features.

Trade Counter
accounts and finance
Advanced Trade Counter meets POS
Smart Stock Control
Accounts & Financial Ledgers

Improve service levels and enhance order processing with Advanced POS features. Offering seamless integration with back-office operations, it’s fast, efficient and robust.

Take control of your inventory with Smart Stock Control. With capabilities including batch stock recording, aged stock analysis and slow-moving stock reports, you can maintain accuracy and efficiency across your inventory chain.

Enjoy tight fiscal control with Management Accounts and Financial Ledger capabilities. Making it easy to manage credit, margins and reporting, the system helps optimise profitability across all your accounts.

Quotation, Sales & PO Processing
Credit Control Manager
Analytics & Scheduled Reporting

Get instant access to vital statistics like customer credit history*, pricing information, sales history and accounting information with Quotation & Order Processing. With essential data at your fingertips.

Provides enhanced fiscal management, with ready access to chronological cash collection data, promised payment reminders, cost centre reports, credit stop facility and much more.

Interrogate data with Analytics and Scheduled Reporting. The ‘Data Drill’ feature allows for deep data mining and analysis, while Xline’s new advanced report scheduling features and bespoke dashboard allow you to present insights with ease.

loyalty points
Loyalty Points
Security & Privacy Controls
Multi-Branch & Multi-Location

Intact Xline provides a simple loyalty points solution, allowing your business to effectively plan and configure its customer retention strategy.

Ensure sensitive data is tightly controlled with a full range of access, security and privacy controls. Xline offers a range of security and access features, including purchase order limits, user access levels and user access level data validation.

With one central system, Xline makes it easy to manage your inventory across multiple locations and branches. Whether you have two or more physical stores or an overflow warehouse, this feature makes managing multi-location stock a breeze.

digital tax
multi currency
GDPR & WEEE Compliance Enablers
Digital Tax
SEPA & Multi-Currency

Intact Xline is fully GDPR and WEEE compliant and easily enables staff to adhere to current regulations. And with an in-built data breach register, you can create auditable records in the event of a breach.

Intact Xline is fully compliant with making tax digital, and accommodates recent changes for postponed VAT accounting and domestic VAT.

Handle multi-currency transactions with ease thanks to Xline’s SEPA and Multi-Currency capabilities. The platform supports automated sort code and account number conversion between IBANs and BICs, as well as supporting EFT to SEPA conversion.

Standard features are just the beginning...

While Xline offers an impressive features list as standard, further customisation and modular improvements allow you to attain even more value from the system. Currently, over 20 optional modules are available to connect to your Xline platform – greatly enhancing the capabilities and benefits of your system. Discover more about the optional modules for your Xline system below. 

And don’t forget, Xline is a living product. Our expert developers are constantly updating and enhancing the platform, with a roadmap of new features, modules and improvements.

Ready to upgrade to Xline?

With a simple migration process, our professional services team can set you up with minimal disruption to your operation. Find the best solution for your business and receive a free upgrade quote today.