Optional Modules | Switch to Intact Xline business management software
Optional modules

Intact Xline comes with a range of optional modules that are available to add to your solution at any time, each designed to enhance and extend functionality.


With development ceased and support scheduled to end for the Vline system, it’s time to switch to Intact Xline. Xline is ready to replace your existing business management software platform, offering future-ready features and intuitive functionality to take your business forward.

In addition to the vast range of standard features, Xline users can extend the functionality of their solution with optional modules that can be added at any time. Perfect for progressive businesses that continuously strive to get more from their system, these add-on features support a broad array of supplementary day-to-day functions – helping you extract greater value from your system.

Extend your operation with enhanced functionality

Where Vline is limited by its age and functionality, Xline is built for the future. Flexible, powerful and yours to customise, the system can be enhanced with a range of optional add-ons, including:

job costing
Bill of Materials
Job Costing
Data Clear-Out

Take control of stock, raw materials, and inventory items with Bill of Materials, which integrates with the as-standard Smart Stock Control system.

Track parts, materials, and labour costs across all business activity with the Job Costing module.

Maintain security and compliance by regularly using the Data Clear-Out tool to remove surplus data from your systems.

Excel connector
CRM Lite
Serial tracking
Excel Connector
CRM Lite
Serial and/or Batch Tracking

Bridge the gap between Xline and Excel with the Excel Connector, ideal for advanced management accounting in Excel.

Optimise customer interactions and boost conversions with the CRM Lite add-on, which makes it easy to store, track and monitor customer data.

Retain tight control of your inventory with Serial and Batch Tracking functionality – perfect for perishable or date-sensitive stock.

tile distribution
machine service
stock by size
Tile Distribution
Machine Service
Stock by Size

Organise products by different criteria and manage batch-tracking, shade control and cartons.

Make light work of maintaining and servicing equipment with the Machine Service tool.

Supports matrix/indexed product functionality, so your team can easily view and manage the product range in a matrix format aligned by size, style, colour, etc.

third party integration
mobile warehouse
Third-Party Integration API
Mobile Warehouse

 Connect Xline to compatible third-party applications, for seamless processing and optimal efficiency via our Portal API.

Optimise sales channels with full Telesales integration. Coordinate the work of each telesales operator and provide key customer information, including regularly ordered items, favourite products, excluded products, preferred call times and delivery days.

Enhance the mobility and access of your stock management system with Mobile Warehouse, perfect for monitoring stock from multiple locations, sales order processing or purchase order processing.

timber sales
Timber Sales

 Export information for 3rd party applications such as NMBS and Toolbank on a scheduled basis.

 Make and receive faster electronic transactions.

Track raw materials purchasing with the Timber Sales function.

courier integration
ecommerce solution
Courier Integration
Luckins Integrator
Ecommerce Solution****

 Track deliveries, returns and associated logistics with the Courier Integration module.

 Full integration with Luckins & Luckins Live.

Intact Cliqx b2b or b2c ecommerce solution and online account management.

expense recording
Access Mobile Signature Capture*
Access Contactless Deliveries*
Access Mobile Expenses Recording*

 Keep business moving with the handy Signature Capture app, perfect for approving transactions and ratifying contracts on the go.

Streamline the delivery process with Access’ contactless functionality.

 Take the hassle out of day-to-day admin with the clever Expenses Recording add-on, great for tracking work-related payments on the go.

document scanning
credit card integration
Document Scanning**
Credit Card Integration***

 Streamline administrative tasks with the Document Scanning facility.

Streamline transactions and simplify ordering and accounts management with Credit Card Integration. Chip & Pin, Customer Not Present and Pay By Link capabilities also supported.

* Requires Access mobile device licence     ** 3rd party software required     *** Elavon only  **** Requires Cliqx licence

Xline is ready to take your business to the next level

Switching to a new business management platform may not be your number one priority. But by investing in Xline, you’re future-proofing your operations – ensuring that nothing stands in the way of productivity and growth.

Combining impressive new features and an intuitive yet familiar feel, Xline is ready to take your business forward. And getting started is easy – with a simple migration process, you can make the switch from Vline to Xline and feel the benefit of its future-aligned features and refined functionality.

As an Xline user, our technical support team are on hand to support you with your new system. Providing ongoing guidance and support, the professional services team can also install and configure the optional modules so you can extend the functionality of your solution.

Interested? Get in touch for a free quote and we will be happy to price up the cost of switching from Vline to Xline based on your software requirements.