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For 10 years, South Down Feeds relied on Vline to support its day-to-day operations. But changing trends and digital transformation meant a new approach was needed. Enter Xline, whose advanced capabilities offered a future-proof solution for this northern Irish animal distribution specialist.

Xline proved a natural next step for South Down Feeds, offering enhanced functionality and the promise of regular updates thanks to the platform’s ongoing development roadmap. This coupled with a simple Vline to Xline migration process meant that the business was able to switch to a future-aligned management solution with minimal disruption to their operations.

Here, David McDowell, financial accountant at South Down Feeds, discusses the benefits of Xline and how the software has helped define the future of the business.

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A simple transition

Moving to new management software might sound intensive, but this isn’t the case when switching from Vline to Xline. As South Down Feeds discovered, the migration process is simple and hassle-free, with a robust framework in place to minimise disruption.

Commenting on the firm’s Xline move, David said: “The transition to Xline, overall, has been very easy. I’ve been speaking to other companies who have put new systems in place, and they are still having issues, months later.

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“We were up and running very quickly with all teething problems ironed out in the first week. There was basically no training required, so it was a seamless move for the team here. I’d be very happy to provide a reference to any Vline user considering a move to Xline.

“What’s more, the modern icon-based ribbon makes the Xline system easier to use, especially from a reporting point of view. We are using Excel less and less and have found the data to be more robust and accurate.”

Multiple benefits

While every business has its unique motivations for switching to Xline, the platform offers a wealth of secondary benefits which a company may not have considered before moving. Such was the case for South Down Feeds, which is now taking full advantage of the software’s wide-ranging functionality and integrations.

On this, David said: “We did look at a number of alternatives to Xline at the time, but it was the familiarities of the Vline solution that had been specifically developed into the Xline solution that sold it for us. With a move to Xline, we could futureproof our business, make process improvements but in a minimally disruptive manner.

“Our on-site consultant who was there to implement Xline also added further value, spotting extra efficiencies that could be applied to our business processes and managed within Xline. He took the time to bring the team through some of these best practice ways of operating and this has been incredibly beneficial.”

The future of business management is here

Xline is up, running, and ready to take your business forward. Feel the benefit of native web and mobile integrations, flexible customisation, and powerful functionality, all with the added benefit of simple onboarding and minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Whatever your requirements or operational bottlenecks, Xline is designed to solve problems and provide a future-proof solution. With impressive functionality and a new subscription-based pricing model, the platform represents an exciting next step for your business.

For more information on Xline, as well as guidance on what’s happening to your existing Vline system, read our comprehensive Vline and Xline support pages. Alternatively, if you’d like to arrange a switch, call our sales consultants to discuss your requirements and arrange a free software demo.

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