In a fast-paced business environment that’s becoming ever more competitive, having systems that are fast, efficient, and flexible is key. For Kilkenny Welding Supplies, this meant switching to Xline was a natural next step for their operations.

For Kilkenny Welding Supplies, Xline proved the right solution at the right time. Frustrated by the speed and lack of functionality of its existing system, our new platform was a step-change for the business – offering wide-ranging benefits to support all functions and processes across the firm.

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Here, Claire Power, office manager at Kilkenny Welding Supplies, discusses how Xline has enhanced the business.

Out with the old, in with the new

Before migrating to Xline, Kilkenny Welding Supplies found its day-to-day operations mired by the slow performance and limited functionality of its existing management platform. For the business, a change was drastically needed, and Xline impressed immediately with its intuitive functionality and advanced technology stack.

Commenting on the business’ decision to move to Xline, Claire said: “Our old system just felt so dated and was extremely slow. It was limited to what it could do. Innovation was also at a standstill, so all these factors prompted us to look for a solution that would better support our business.”

Post-implementation of Xline, stock management and general control of the business has greatly improved at KWS. Speaking of these improvements Claire said: “We have split packs and assembly components that we simply couldn’t track in our old system. They were dealt with manually, outside the system. Now with Xline we can manage all our stock in the system; accessing unit or pack prices, stock figures etc., which drives greater transparency, control, and efficiency.

“Before Xline, we were wasting so much time on admin and frustrating our customers at the same time. Xline is making our business so much more efficient in that regard. Everyone is now working with the same system with access to the same real-time information.”

Looking to the future

Xline is an evolving software solution with a bespoke development roadmap that will deliver value for years to come. For KWS, that offers the assurance of a future-proof system that constantly grows and improves, with flexible customisation and modular applications allowing the business to tweak the system as it sees fit.

What’s more, the new subscription-based pricing model appealed to KWS, providing a more flexible means of budgeting for day-to-day operations. Commenting on the improved pricing model introduced to the Xline platform, Claire said: “Rather than paying a fixed price for a number of users, we can scale up or reduce our number of users easily, with clear visibility of the cost implication.”

For more information on our subscription pricing model and a better understanding of how much Xline might cost your business, be sure to read our guide on Xline’s features and pricing. Alternatively, call our technical advisers to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote.

The next step for your business

2. Optional Features

Whether you’re an existing Vline user or are new to our business management solutions, Xline represents the next generation in management platforms for SMEs. Offering advanced integration capabilities, cloud connectivity, and a whole host of helpful applications and modules, the system can simplify day-to-day operations and boost performance in all areas of your business.

Ready to become an Xline-supported business? Our professional services team are here to get you set up on the new system, with a simple migration process that ensures minimal disruption. For more information, be sure to read our full Vline to Xline support guide and get in touch today for a free quote and software demonstration.