Video: Bakers & Larners

Bakers and Larners is a leading department store based in Holt, Norfolk.

Hear why Duncan Baker, CT Baker Group Finance Director chose Intact iQ’s retail management software for their business. See how it’s enabling them to operate at their best.  Simply click on the PLAY button above.

Can’t watch now?  Read the transcript below.


Duncan Baker, CT Baker Group, Finance Director

We found plenty of pieces of software that could work in a retail environment, plenty of pieces of software that could work in a builders’ merchant environment but nothing that could work across the piece. Finding Intact meant that we had a one stop shop that could do a job for the builders’ merchants and also do as good of a job for a retail environment. 

How did you find the Implementation process?

Throughout the process we had a really well structured training program. In the builders’ merchants in particular we worked through making sure there was a plan for all the staff to be trained. In the retail environment we had over 90 users to then be trained periodically over a two week period and through all of that, Intact, their team were out on site training people. It was seamless process. Day one we opened up and we were trading straight away that morning with minimal problems.

Why was it important to you to partner with a local team?

It was a conscious decision that we didn’t want to be dealing with people that we couldn’t actually meet. Sometimes you have to sit down at a face to face meeting if you want to have demonstrations where you are sitting around a table together. So to have people who were only a couple of hours away for us was absolutely key.

From a retail prospective, what benefits did Intact iQ add to your business?

Suddenly we had the chance to have a modern touchscreen interface built from scratch for us and the testament for the software is something that worked straight away. It meant we were able to have contactless payments, gift cards sold through it, look up stock live from till point. All benefits that we never had before.

Why did you choose Intact iQ?

The software is so flexible, it’s so adaptable, customisable. Because its built on a DOT NET framework we are able to quickly make alterations live on the fly which is one of the key benefits to why we chose it for our retail environment. We invested in a technology which we knew would still be dated and will still be growing and emerging in 5-10 years’ time and all the cost which is manageable for the size of business which we are.


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