F12Show Instant Access Menu
Ctrl + TabCycle open tabs
Ctrl + F4Close a tab
F2Add a new record
F3Edit the selected record
F4 or F11Free text search
F6Deleted the selected record(s)
F7Print the selected record
F8 or EnterView the selected record
F9Save / Enter / Commit
Tab / EnterMove to next line or property
Shift + F10Show the context menu (same as right click)
Ctrl + ASelect all records
Ctrl + CCopy selected record(s)
Ctrl + Left Mouse ClickSelect specific records
Shift + Left Mouse ClickSelect range of records
F6Deleted the selected line
F7Suspend transaction
Ctrl + AShow Alternative Items
Ctrl + RShow Related Items
Ctrl + FShow Customer Favourites
Ctrl + OShow Order History
Ctrl + PShow Product Sales History
Ctrl + HShow Haggle Screen
Ctrl + SShow Search & Select
Ctrl + Down ArrowRepeat the line
Shift + Down ArrowMove to new Line