Keystroke Action
F12 Show Instant Access Menu
Ctrl + Tab Cycle open tabs
Ctrl + F4 Close a tab
F2 Add a new record
F3 Edit the selected record
F4 or F11 Free text search
F6 Deleted the selected record(s)
F7 Print the selected record
F8 or Enter View the selected record
F9 Save / Enter / Commit
Tab / Enter Move to next line or property
Shift + F10 Show the context menu (same as right click)
Ctrl + A Select all records
Ctrl + C Copy selected record(s)
Ctrl + Left Mouse Click Select specific records
Shift + Left Mouse Click Select range of records
Keystroke Action
F6 Deleted the selected line
F7 Suspend transaction
Ctrl + A Show Alternative Items
Ctrl + R Show Related Items
Ctrl + F Show Customer Favourites
Ctrl + O Show Order History
Ctrl + P Show Product Sales History
Ctrl + H Show Haggle Screen
Ctrl + S Show Search & Select
Ctrl + Down Arrow Repeat the line
Shift + Down Arrow Move to new Line