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Northwood Technology

Northwood Technology Transforms Operations with Intact iQ

Wholesale & Distribution
Security Technology Distributor
Dublin, Ireland

Northwood Technology

Northwood TechnologyFounded in 2003 by Padraic Cafferty & Paul Hennessy, Northwood Technology has grown to become a major force in the Irish security industry. Distributing CCTV systems, IP Systems, remote monitoring systems, intruder and fire alarm systems, their staff of 13, have built a reputation for excellence and a loyal customer base.

Before Using Intact

For Northwood Technology, the need to upgrade to new software came as they reached the transaction limitations of their existing Sage Line 50 product. Equally, the difficulties they were having accessing key data and getting customised reports meant the system was no longer fit for purpose.

A thorough search followed for a new system and although on initial analyses many looked good, it was Intact Software Paul Hennessy, MD of Northwood Technology, felt the most comfortable with. He liked the fact that Intact Software was an Irish company and upon viewing the system it was the flexibility of the software to be tailored to his needs that got him interested initially.

Other major plus points included easy access to key data and the fully integrated CRM module.

Pain points

  • As the company grew they were relying more on accessing key data which their system was unable to provide.
  • After several system upgrades that brought numerous issues of lost data and system crashes, Northwood Technology sought a more flexible system, tailored to their needs.

After Intact iQ

As an all-in-one business management software solution, Intact iQ, really appealed to Paul Hennessy and has already made a significant change to his business.

The whole process was a huge learning curve; forcing the company to look in great detail at all of their processes. With the help of their Intact iQ consultant, they have now streamlined their processes to be more efficient and effective; boosting productivity across their business.

Their weekly management meetings now centre on the information they get from the system and how to maximise it. They also continue to look at improving and streamlining their business further.

Northwood Technology has already made significant savings in stock/stock management and saved considerable time in its accounts department. They hope to repeat this with the CRM module.

“The biggest advantage to Intact iQ is the quick access to very meaningful data. I truly believe it is this information that will enable us to react faster, win more sales and help us grow our business.” - Paul Hennessy, Managing Director

With the help of an Intact Consultant, the company underwent a thorough analysis of its business processes and is now running smoother than ever before and making the most of the data now available to them.

Key benefits

  • Quick access to meaningful data
  • All-in-one system with fully integrated CRM
  • Working with an Irish Software Company

“The biggest advantage to Intact iQ is the quick access to meaningful data.

Northwood Technology
Paul Hennessy, Managing DirectorNorthwood Technology