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Fiona McGuinness27-Sep-2021 09:00:146 min read

ERP Post Go-Live Optimisation Strategy: What is it? Why you need it?

Implementing a new ERP system isn’t an overnight process, it’s a journey. And like any journey, there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. Here, we’ll be exploring what we consider one of the most important phases of any ERP deployment: post go-live optimisation, including what it means and how it can benefit your operation in the long term.

At the start of any ERP implementation, a lot of preparation goes into getting your business ready for the all-important go-live date. But what happens after that?

For Intact iQ users, post go-live means entering the Optimisation Phase – a period in which our experts aim to get you fully up to speed with your new software. It ultimately lays the foundation for the success of your ERP infrastructure, helping to refine processes and extract maximum value from your investment.

In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at ERP post go-live optimisation strategies, so you know what to expect from the process.

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What is an ERP Post Go-Live Optimisation Strategy and Why Is It Important?

A post go-live optimisation strategy is a formalised process wherein ERP users learn how to extract maximum value from their new software. Working closely with their software vendor, this phase of the ERP implementation process is designed to ensure users get the most from their newly adopted system, whilst ensuring any teething problems are ironed out swiftly.

For those new to ERP onboarding, such a process may seem essential. After all, you want to see immediate benefit from your investment, and feel that the new technology can transform your operations for the better – right?

Unfortunately, post go-live ERP optimisation is often purposefully overlooked by ERP vendors, whose Go-Live focus mean they can’t afford every customer the courtesy of helping them extract value from their new systems.

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Of course, most vendors offer post-implementation help and support of some description. But this can’t match the comprehensiveness of a robust and strategic optimisation strategy, which is specifically designed to ensure that a business’ needs are met and surpassed by the new technology.

The period directly after implementing a new ERP system is arguably the most important phase in the journey. It’s when you should start to realise the value-add benefit of the ‘nice-to-haves’ your software vendor sold you, and that your new software meets your requirements as described.

A formal post go-live optimisation strategy helps ensure this. It’s designed not only to get you operational and running smoothly, but it is also enhanced and configured in such a way that the benefits of your new software are immediately apparent.

What Are the Benefits of Post Go-Live Optimisation?

When adopting new ERP technology, the adage “walk before you run” bears remembering. Sure, you’re keen to put your new system to work, but taking the time to get to know its full capabilities first will stand you in good stead to see optimal ROI down the road.

Here, we take a look at some of the key benefits you can expect from the ERP post go-live optimisation phase.

  • An optimised tool that meets all your requirements – If you’re replacing legacy ERP software, it’s all too easy to rely on old habits and overlook the capabilities of your new system. Optimisation is about helping you take ownership of every aspect of your software, so you can make real-world improvements that bring value across your operations.
  • Full buy-in across your team – Don’t let your team overlook the value and capabilities of your new ERP system. Optimisation ensures that everyone is empowered to use the software to its fullest, meaning efficiency and performance improvements across all business functions.
  • Minimise risk and save on long-term costs – A phased, strategic approach to ERP optimisation mitigates the risks of go-live failure, ensuring that your operations and personnel are suitably prepared to make full use of the software. This ultimately saves on re-training and onboarding costs in the long term.
  • Recognising areas for improvement in a live environment – Often, it’s not until we start using a new piece of software that we recognise where changes can be made and where areas should be optimised. The optimisation phase provides an opportunity to identify knowledge and functionality gaps and ensure they’re filled.
  • Phased capabilities to minimise disruption – Post go-live optimisation is strategically planned to ensure key capabilities for your business are prioritised, minimising disruption and bringing immediate ROI. From there, attention can turn to the new value-add functionality of your system, which you and your team can get to grips with under the supervision of your software vendor.


The Post Go-Live Process: What’s Involved and What to Expect

At Intact, we’re changing our service delivery model to introduce a new phase within our deployment methodology: Optimisation. Going beyond industry norms, this 6–12-month programme sits between Go-Live deployment and customer care; a period where we work to empower you to extract maximum value from your new system.

Recognising that short ‘hypercare’ go-live services lack the consistency and support our customers need, our new Optimisation offering ensures that you have a solid foundation on which to take your ERP infrastructure forward. A mandatory part of the Intact iQ lifecycle, Optimisation guarantees smooth go-live and onboarding, and helps you get the very most from your new technology.

As part of the Intact Optimisation Phase, you can expect:

  • Ongoing assistance and onboarding for system processes and reports – Your dedicated Optimisation Consultant/s will work closely with you and your team to ensure that all personnel are familiar with all the new features and functionalities of the iQ system.
  • Routine optimisation of your software – During the Optimisation phase, we’ll take care of optimising different routines on your live system. We’ll carry out these routines in conjunction with your team until your employees can execute these routines seamlessly. These routines include Stock Takes, Returns Management, Form Amends, Product Imports, and much more.
  • Process optimisation and efficiency making – Beyond the operational focus of your new software, we’ll work with individual teams to refine existing processes so that they’re better aligned with the capabilities of your new software. From automation to analytics and everything in between, this is when you’ll really unearth the benefits and value of your software.
  • Hypercare support and priority bug fixing – During the Optimisation Phase, you’ll be at the top of our list when it comes to break-fix issues, with priority support when something’s not working the way you’d hoped. Overseen by our Optimisation Team, this service ensures issues are resolved promptly.


At the end of the Optimisation Phase, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and ready to move to the next step – Partnership. With up to 12 months of Optimisation assistance included as an Intact iQ customer, there is ample time to become thoroughly acquainted with your system, ensuring you can extract maximum value across your operations.

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