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Nexus Training Training

Pre-requisites: Attendees must have completed the Induction Course and been working on a live Intact iQ system for more than 3 months. Attendees must also have authorisation from senior management in their business to receive this training.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at designated System Administrators/Management personnel. The course looks at the configuration of rules and controls available in Intact iQ. Rather than allowing routine tasks to eat up all your precious time, the implementation of If This Then That rules and controls can increase productivity by automating your most important tasks and processes.

You will learn:

  • Highlight Rules – The ability to highlight key items in a list when a specific condition is met
  • Prevent, Warn & Confirmation Rules – Further rules that can limit specific users from accessing or completing tasks on Intact iQ
  • Authorise & Notify Rules – As above, but this requires 3rd party intervention once conditions have been met
  • Protect Rules – This can restrict key areas of information to unauthorised users


You can use Intact iQ’s NeXus module to protect and maintain margins, maintain adequate stock levels, manage cost prices and credit limits or improve customer service and more. It is a great way to remove the noise from your business data and channel the important, relevant information to you and your team.
Attending this course will give system administrators/management the ability to configure many facilities previously only available to Intact iQ Consultants. Features such as highlight and confirmation rules are what take Intact iQ to the next level of control. Many of the procedures usually manged outside of the system, such as signoffs and manual email notifications can now be automated within Intact iQ.

Course Costs/Volume Discounts

Course cost is €450/£400 per attendee inclusive of lunch & take-home course guide.

  • Save 25% if you register for a 3rd course or a 3rd attendee is registered in a 12 month period. The cost per course rate drops to €337/£300 for this 3rd booking.
  • Save 30% if you register for a 4th course or a 4th attendee is registered in a 12 month period. The cost per course rate drops to €315/£280 for this 4th booking and all subsequent bookings in that 12 month period.

Course registration

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  • Full details regarding the agenda, start and finish times, details of your tutor, location details etc. will be issued to you within 48 hours of registering.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Intact Training Academy.

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Terms & Conditions

Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

We reserve the right to reschedule courses if minimum numbers are not met. Invoices will be issued in advance of the training course. Please note course cost refunds can only be provided where a minimum of 72 hours cancellation notice is provided.

Volume discounts only apply for courses taken within a calendar year.

To avail of volume discounts courses must be paid for in advance.

Course code
1 day
(light lunch provided)
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We have been using Intact iQ for a while now but I found the course really beneficial as I learnt a lot more about how to exploit some of the features we haven’t used yet.

Intact Customer, Intact Customer

The facilities are excellent as are the staff.  The course was a pleasure to attend and will definitely help me exploit the features and facilities that the Intact iQ system offers.

Intact Customer, Intact Customer

The course was a real eye-opener. It really helped me to uncover the power of the system. I am excited to get back to the office and start applying what I learnt today.

Intact customer, Intact Customer

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